Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Productive Weekend

Managed to get the DEADLY PREMONITIONS files I'd been working on on the laptop (in simpletext) moved over to the other computer and dropped into Final Draft. Have a few more ideas to work in, mainly expanding the role of a police detective.

Gave Tom the money for the monster gloves he won the EBay bid for. He figures he'll have them within in a couple of weeks. To that end, I printed out the script and agreement for TreeSpirit last night and hope to met with Tom next weekend to go over everything so he can start pre-production and casting.

Finished the DVD-R imprint artwork for TRAILER PARK DOUBLE WIDE TRILOGY and will be sending everything off to the duplicator today. Yeah!

Got the old 3/4" editing system put back together (I'd had to take a TV/VCR out of the set-up to take to a game con I had a table at a few months back, and also had another VCR out of the loop from when one elsewhere in the house died) and dubbed off a VHS copy of ZOMBIE LOVE SLAVE to generate a "still left to do" list and a credits list from. Off the top of my head the "still left to do" includes dropping in static shots of a park sign, some generic forest shots and some sound work. It's a whopping 27 minutes long without opening or ending credits and I still have to get the bloopers cut together. Hope to do that next weekend.

Also managed to get 4 Dark Gallery interviews completed and formatted for www.b-movie.com, have a kidless dinner out with my wife, do a bunch of yardwork, play with my kid, finish editing/dubbing out a short video project, do a little work on the pool monster head, and a bunch of other stuff.

More later...

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