Thursday, March 04, 2021


My latest horror/sci-fi anthology CHANNEL 99 is finished and pre-orders are now open at

I've got packages with other dvds, my graphic novel, glow-in-the-dark baseball cap, etc. but this time around I've got 6 SPECIAL pre-order offerings…

The final story in CHANNEL 99 is called "Pickman's Model," my own modern adaption of the H.P. Lovecraft short story. In it, I play Pickman, a troubled artist who paints rather spooky artwork. I actually painted 6 paintings for the art gallery scenes, and am offering them as a part of these 6 packages.

Since they are ONE-OF-A-KIND original paintings, I am using Ebay auctions as a way to list them. The above page on my site has pics and details, but the purchase link will take you over to the auction listings.

It was a challenge to finish this with all the pandemic lockdowns. About 3/4 of it was done before the mid-March lockdowns here in Oregon. I recent months, I rewrote stories and came up with new ones that had tiny casts, and in some cases could be shot without all cast there at one time. I had to take it bit by bit, but now I'm ready to unleash my love letter to early 80s pay cable and local indie tv stations to the world.

CHANNEL 99 - We've Got It! 

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