Sunday, February 24, 2008


TreeSpirit is done! Currently editing the Death Nurse short starring Laura G of W.A.V.E. fame. About halfway done building a three-eyed mutant bug-man mask for the next segment for TRULY DREADFUL TALES (formerly Nigel Cheeseball's Monster Files).

Finished editing an interview segment and behind-the-scenes segment for PLATOON OF THE DEAD, as well as a couple of title screens.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Good Times

Had a swell visit with my BLOODSUCKING REDNECK VAMPIRES partner Mike Hegg over the weekend. He captured all of the segments of DEADLY PREMONITIONS into his system and we did a little bit of fixing up here and there. I'll need to schedule another visit and hopefully we can fix some sound stuff and author a DVD!

Did a little work for John Bowker's PLATOON OF THE DEAD tonight. Waiting to hear if he likes it.

Met with Robert J. Olin and Rob Merickel to go over plans for shooting the Welcome Sister segment for TWISTED FATES. Robert has some ambitious iddeas and wants to make this really intense. We agreed to plan for an early June shoot so the weather is nice for scenes in the water. I'll be trying to shoot the VideoDrone segment before that.


Thursday, February 07, 2008

Monster Movies!

Check it out! Here's the entertainment section of the Salem Statesman-Journal and BLOODSUCKING REDNECK VAMPIRES (and specifically William Bradford as Cletus) made the cover! The story can be found online right here:

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

TreeSpirit Title

Made the title screen for the TreeSpirit short tonight and have started working on music and sound. Comes in around 17 minutes or so.

Who is the Guy in the Red Shirt?

I found a picture of me, Lloyd Kaufman and a couple of Salem directors in an article about the upcoming Mid-Valley Video Festival on the

The Salem Statesman-Journal interviewed me last week for an article scheduled for this Friday about the Monster Madness Fridays film series. Hope it turns out well!

I have the initial edit of the TreeSpirit short done. Tons of sound work and color correction to do.

Heading up to meet with Mike Hegg this weekend and work on final post and dvd work for Deadly Premonitions. Speaking of which I put up a new bunch of photos on that page, pulled from the dvd photo gallery file.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Lloyd Kaufman - Troma-rific!

So this was the flyer that went up at the Northern Lights Theater Pub in Salem, Oregon. BLOODSUCKING REDNECK VAMPIRES was screening again, to be followed by a new Troma release about killer racoons and then a midnight appearance by Lloyd Kaufman. So long story short, there were some problems with Lloyd doing his patented head-crush demonstration, so the Mid-Valley Video Festival guys asked if I would do it between movies and I said I'd be happy to. After all, we did a Lloyd Kaufman-inspired melon-head-crush in BRV anyway so it seems a perfect fit.

After a killer dinner at Buster's Barbecue and some beer at a nearby bar, we headed over to the theater and got our tickets. "RBV?" Hell, I don't care if the letters are jumbled on the ticket - they're still showing my movie!

My BRV co-writer, co-producer, editor, etc. Mike Hegg and I. We are so excited!

After BRV was over, Ross set up a tarp and I got out the melon I'd bought on the way to the theater. This crazy thing cost almost $9! Remind me not to do a demonstration with a melon in the middle of winter. Anyhow, here's Rob Merickel slicing a bit out of the rind to make sure the insides spew out towards the audience.

Getting ready to smash with a big rubber mallet!

Here I am making a point about something after the smash.

Hey, I at least wanted to get a bite! After the demo, we found out that the movie they were going to show next was actually WITH Lloyd. Not only that, but he was over an hour away in another town.

So the guys asked if they could make the evening a Joe Sherlock double feature by showing UNDERBELLY. I said that would rock! They broke the news to the audience, showed a great comedy/blaxploitation short called BLACK SANTA'S REVENGE and then, after I did a short intro, played UNDERBELLY. People seemed to dig it OK even if it didn't really fit "Monster Madness Fridays." There was so more downtime before Lloyd finally showed up sometime after 1 a.m.

Lloyd was entertaining, dropping one-liners here and there, but overall was passionate about his work, about independence, and about how the world is consolidating left and right, squeezing out the little guy.

After the Q&A, Lloyd cracked open a box of DVDs and posed for photos.

I'm all out of BRV copies for sale, but sacrificed one of the three personal copies I usually keep to give one to Lloyd. Unfortunately, this one got melon juice on the cover. But Lloyd gave it a thumbs up anyway!

Robert J. Olin had Lloyd sign a script he had with him that I had written. Lloyd initially said, "I can't sign this, I didn't write it." But then he said, "What the hell." Crazy!

Here is Lloyd and I with Salem filmmakers Josh Dent and Scott Hartmann.

I managed to crawl into bed sometime close to 4 in the morning, but it was a great night! Thanks to the MVVFest guys, Northern Lights, Lloyd and everyone who showed up!!
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