Sunday, August 25, 2013

Updated DRIFTER Trailer!

Was finally able to coordinate a shoot with an actor for a couple of small but important pick-up shots yesterday. Dropped them in and it all looks good! Just a few more insert shots left, some sound effects and reviewing the music one more time.

Also finished putting together the behind-the-scenes featurette!

Updated the trailer to work in some of the new shots plus use the actual score music instead of temp music. Enjoy!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Slowly but Shirley....and Stop Calling Me Shirley

Well, on a personal note, I had my first Physical Therapy appointment today and hope that over the next 12 weeks I can get rid of this pain and have the energy and drive to wrap up the many projects that are all so close to wrapping up!

Moviewise, I did have a shoot last week to take care of three scenes for DRIFTER. Funny bits here and there, great help in carrying equipment and such and I'm happy with the resulting scenes, which I dropped into the movie the next day.

Up next is two more bits with an actor, then 5 little insert shots, then the opening credit sequence. Really happy with how it has turned out and can't wait to set up some screenings. Have almost all of the behind-the-scenes footage imported in as well and hoping to have time this weekend to work on that for a DVD extra.

BLOOD CREEK WOODSMAN is in Mike's hands right now - a few final video tweaks, then audio work, some video image work, updating the end credits and it should be done. I've completed the behind-the-scenes/interviews featurette, but need to travel up to Mike's to look over all the raw footage and pull together a bloopers reel. After that will be scheduling a director's commentary recording and then we should be ready to at least make some cast/crew DVDs and start exploring distribution avenues.

BENEATH A DEAD MOON is still sitting on the sidelines, having been pushed there when I started working on DRIFTER. The good news is that each segment it pretty much done and it's just a matter of me making the time to import them all in, throw them in a timeline, do up the end credits and put together a DVD with the behind-the-scenes featurette on it. My plan right now is to try CreateSpace for this anthology of new and old horror shorts.

More news in the near future about a special event in October and hopefully a few screenings I am working to set up. Stay tuned!
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