Monday, April 04, 2016

Beyond The Wall of Fear shooting continues; Prepping for Manos Returns!

Shooting on my horror anthology BEYOND THE WALL OF FEAR continues! Here are a bunch of shots!

I am THRILLED to announce that actor GEORGE STOVER has a cameo in BEYOND THE WALL OF FEAR! George has not only been featured in four of John Waters' movies, but also my favorite Don Dohler flicks THE ALIEN FACTOR, NIGHTBEAST and FIEND!

My buddy Dale and I joined star Jackey Neyman Jones and direction Tonjia Atomic (not pictured...cause she took the picture!) in some location scouting for this summer's shoot for MANOS RETURNS and boy did we find some fantastic locations! Stay tuned to the blog as more develops!

Even though it is a couple of months away, I am excited about heading to CRYPTICON SEATTLE at the end of May. Always a fun time! Check out some of my past Con Adventures here:
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