Monday, May 29, 2006

Long Weekend

As usual I didn't get as much done as I would have liked this weekend, but did make some progress on a few fronts.

I researched and sent out interview questions to four people for's DARK GALLERY. Have one response back so far and one from earlier in the month. Hope to get at least 2 if not 4 more sets of questions sent out tonight or tomorrow.

I designed a Dr. Squid ad for THE BONSETTER comic book that Brett Kelly is self-publishing this summmer.

Made some VHS dubs of Zombie Love Slave. Hope to package up tonight so I can mail them tomorrow.

I worked on the mummy head for DR. PUDDING'S MONSTER FILES. Basically built-up the area around a few spots where I will use white elastic to attach the jaw to the head. It will all be covered with "mummy wrappings" so I don't need to worry about hiding the elastic. Hope to glue on a bunch of peanuts or something for the teeth tonight...

Almost done with the Dr. Squid mailer.

Finally had time to work on the second half of TAINTED BLOOD tonight. Fixed some mis-aligned sound clips and added back in a few fade-outs that had disappeared when I transferred the files from the old computer to the new one. I am thrilled to death because I managed to get each part to export to a MiniDV master tape without any stutters, glitches, sound drop-outs or anything! After I make a back-up master tape, I'm going to try and edit together the "New Neighbor" segment for TWISTED FATES. Poor Ron Ford has been waiting since 2003 to see this segment, which he directed and stars in, put together. Once that's together, I'll move back to DEADLY PREMONITIONS. Knock on wood.

All this plus saw a bit of a friend's Karaoke show and saw THE HUMAN GENOME PROJECT ( play in a local bar. They did the soundtrack to DECRYPTER, which I played a tiny role in. I also went to a friend's son's 5th birthday party (cosmic bowling!), mowed the lawn, trimmed some trees, watched FIRST BLOOD on AMC, dug the latest episode of SUPERGROUP on VH1, finished watching PARADIES LOST: CHILD MURDERS AT ROBIN HOOD, and watched ZONTAR THE THING FROM VENUS and THE EYE CREATURES!

I mentioned this book to Tim Shrum (of the LOST IN SCHLOCK site) the other day.

It's from 1976 and I think I got it from the Bookmobile that came to Fleetwood Elementary School in scenic Mt. Laurel, New Jersey. Either that or I ordered it through the Scholastic Book Club. I think I'd like to try doing my son up as some of these monsters this summer. We'll see if it works out...

Gotta go and see how much more I can get done before getting to bed.

Thursday, May 25, 2006


They were cleaning things out at work today and I scored several large cardboard tubes that I can use for the spaceship/spacestation set I eventually plan to build in my garage for the VIDEODRONE segment of TWISTED FATES. Two of the tubes may be too tall to fit in my car! But the price was right: FREE!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Inch by Inch

Managed to hook up the cables correctly and made 2 cast copies of ZOMBIE LOVE SLAVE tonight.

Also finally wrote up the WELCOME SISTER segment of TWISTED FATES in a script format.

Movie Music

Here's the tape sleeve.

Your Strange Technology Frightens Me!

So I added some trailers to the ZOMBIE LOVE SLAVE dub I made the other night, hooked two VCRs together and made a cast copy...or so I thought. When I checked the copy, I found that I'd just recorded an hour of TV snow! Aaarrgh. Will have to check all my connections, cables and settings and try again tonight.

Planning on getting another Dr. Squid sale flier mailed out this week. Last night I finished the design for an audio cassette sleeve for BEAUTY AND THE EYEBALL (you'll understand once I post the cover image) which will be a collection of songs I made for UNDERBELLY plus a bunch of unused tracks and experimental stuff.

Hope to post a few pics of the mummy costume progress in a day or two.

I think I'm going to try and write a screenplay in 14 days. There is a competition going on - details at - but I think rather than officially join, I'm just going to use it as a challenge to myself to get one of my many scripts to a first draft stage. I just counted and I literally have 15 ideas right now - some are only concepts, some are collections of notes and sketches, a few are scripts I've written anywhere from 10 to 30 pages on. The competition is June 3-17, so I guess I have a little over a week to decide what I'm going to tackle.

More news soon...

Monday, May 22, 2006


Bought a firewire cable the other night with the correct connectors to hook my old iMac and my new iMac together to get the TAINTED BLOOD movie project off of the old computer and onto the new one. A few audio files were missing and moved when I opened the files into the new version of iMovie, but fixed part one and hope to fix part two this week sometime. Then hope it all outputs to tape without any hiccups.

I think the VCR that is a part of my 3/4" editing set-up is going south. Damn.

I managed to get a decent miniDV dub of ZOMBIE LOVE SLAVE made and plan to start making some VHS copies for the cast soon.

Worked a bit with the four-track audio recorder this weekend. I had an old tape of a song that some friends and I recorded about 10 year ago (holy crap time flies!). It was just drums, guitar and keyboards, though and the keyboards were rather hard to hear (it was just recorded with the built-in microphone on an old tape recorder sitting in the center of the room). Now all these years later, I added a bass track (using my keyboard) plus doubled the hard-to-hear keyboard track and topped it of with a bright shiny new keyboard track. Snazzy.

Don't forget:

Hope to have some better progress reports on stuff later this week...

Sunday, May 07, 2006

That's a Wrap

Shot the remaining two scenes for DEADLY PREMONITIONS today, in a little town about 40 minutes north in the bar at a Chinese restaurant. Robert J. Olin set up the location and cast his co-star and all the extras. What a guy! Here are some pics:

Monday, May 01, 2006

Sounding Off

Well, the weekend was nearly a complete washout for movie work due to a whole bunch of home and family junk that cropped up.

About 10:30 Sunday night, I did manage to get to something I've been trying to get to since December. With some upgraded software I was finally able to fix the audio glitches in the TAINTED BLOOD short. Woo hoo! Actually, last I heard the editor still hadn't finished putting the anthology together that TAINTED BLOOD will be a part of, so I might see if I can send them this fixed-up version to include instead.

Scheduled to shoot Robert J. Olin's remaining DEADLY PREMONITIONS scenes this Sunday. Hoping is all goes well.

More later...
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