Thursday, December 20, 2018

2018 Wrap Up

Truth be told, 2018 was pretty fucking terrible for me personally. However, I try to stick to movie stuff on this blog and traditionally do one of these year-end wraps-ups, so I pushed myself to do this one and hit some highlights:

Back in May, MANOS RETURNS had its World Premiere at Crypticon Seattle! Cast and crew were in attendance, we had to have tons of extra chairs brought into the room for all the folks show showed up and had a great audience response and Q and A afterwards.

I co-produced this and was director of photography among the usual millions of jobs you do as a small indie production. I think the flick turned out well, especially the last part of it - very creepy! It played at a few other film fests and indie theaters and we're currently working on a distribution deal for it, so stay tuned.

Thanks to The Gorehound’s Playground in Fort Collins, Colorado for showing BEYOND THE WALL OF FEAR in their screening room back on August 3. Great-looking shop full of all things horror (including a bunch of Skullface Astronaut titles!) - check them out at

This blew my mind. My nearly 20-year old shot-on-video vampire short flick CRIMSON HEATHER was chosen to play at Portland, Oregon's historic Hollywood Theater on Tuesday, October 16 as a double feature with cult director Andy Milligan's THE BODY BENEATH, all as a part of the Hollywood Theater's "Repressed Cinema" series (! I went and had a great time - it was so cool and weird to see it up on a gigantic screen! Sold a few DVDs in the lobby and met some great folks.

This was really sweet - my slasher flick Blood Creek Woodsman signed & numbered limited edition clamshell VHS with kickass art, plus a slipcover with red foil lettering plus 2 buttons AND a papercraft Blood Creek Woodsman, all from Film Trauma. Only 25 were made. Details at

In the fall, I was interviewed for this swell story about Manos: The Hands of Fate and Manos Returns in the Corvallis Gazette-Times:

This was ahead of the double feature screening we had on Tuesday, October 30 at the Darkside Cinema. Star Jackey Neyman Jones, director Tonjia Atomic and were there and it was well-attended, Jackey answered a lot of questions and even sold a few of her books.

The Strange Monsters flick that I mentioned having so many problems with at the end of last year's Year-End Wrap-Up blog post (and it only got worse - I had to reshoot nearly 25% of it this year!!!) was finally finished and released as THINGS 5: STRANGE MONSTERS from Sterling Entertainment.

They made a really cool cover for it and it is a fun, gratuitous b-monster movie! For ordering details, you have to message David Sterling from his Facebook page at

THINGS 5: STRANGE MONSTERS features Jackey Neyman Jones (Manos: The Hands of Fate, Beyond the Wall of Fear) and a cameo by cult favorite actor George Stover (The Alien Factor, Nightbeast) plus a whole mess of Skullface Astronaut regulars. Mysterious experiments are going on at the BioGen4 Research Labs…and now, those experiments…are loose! Monsters…creatures…hungry for flesh and blood. THINGS 5 is filled with sexy women, bizarre beasts and buckets of gore!

Crack open a few cold ones and enjoy this crazy flick! You can check out pics at

Stream THINGS 5 on Vimeo

At the end of the year I put out this LIMITED EDITION SKULLFACE ASTRONAUT BOX SET! 14 b-movies chock full of babes, blood, beasts and pudding! All in a snazzy clear acrylic display with the iconic Skullface Astronaut on each end. As of this moment there are three left. $157 with shipping in the USA included. Email me for details.
This year I added a few videos to my VIMEO channel:

As the year limps to a close, I have several shorts that I've promised a friend to get done, so will be focusing on getting those off of my plate. I'll also be contributing a segment to Phil Herman's new anthology HORRORTALES 666 PART 2, which will be released sometime in 2019.

I've got tons of ideas for movies, comics, music and all sorts of creative stuff - trick is staying afloat, finding the energy and motivation and making the time to do them. Will my Year-End Wrap-Up for 2019 be better than 2018? I sure as hell hope so.

Thanks to all for the years of support. Hug the ones you love and try to be good.

- Joe













Friday, December 07, 2018

Limited Edition Skullface Astronaut Box Set!

The LIMITED EDITION SKULLFACE ASTRONAUT BOX SET! 14 b-movies chock full of babes, blood, beasts and pudding! All in a snazzy clear acrylic display with the iconic Skullface Astronaut on each end.
Only TWO left and when they’re gone, they’re gone.
$157 with shipping in the USA included.
Dimension of Blood/Monster in the Garage/Crimson Heather triple feature
The Evilmaker
The Seekers
Bloody Red Lips of Blood
Deadly Premonitions
Beneath A Dead Moon
Twisted Fates
Blood Creek Woodsman
Odd Noggins
Beyond the Wall of Fear
And a bonus movie
How to you get one? Send me an email at to reserve one, and you’ll get all the details about purchasing.
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