Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy Almost New Year

As expected, life has been filled with holiday and home-commitments as of late, but I have managed a few movie-related things...

There was some confusion with the release forms for TAINTED BLOOD, but after I found my copies, copied them and mailed them off, I heard that the originals had been found after all. Oh well, at least things are moving ahead on the anthology it will be a part of.

I printed up 100 direct-mail pieces to mail out to the ol' Dr. Squid mailing list of past buyers and interested folks. It's an 11 x 17 piece folded over, then folded in thirds, tabbed, labelld and stamped, so ti's taken a couple of days to get it all together. Hoping that since TRAILER PARK DOUBLE WIDE TRILOGY OF TERROR will be new to most of these folks (I did a small postcard mailing over the summer, but this is a much bigger mailing) and this time I will be directed them to buy BLOODSUCKING REDNECK VAMPIRS from me instead of from directly, it will result in some sales, which will help offset various productions and post-production costs on current projects. Oh, I also updated, added to and repriced (as is discounted) my list of comic books, magazines and assorted videos for sale and included that as well. We'll see if anyone is interested...

I've been working on a prop for a vampire short I'm going to have someone shoot for me. I originally went to the Dollar Tree to see if I could find a toy camera that would look halfway professional. All I could find was a boxy instamatic type on, but picked it up anyway. In hindsight I didn't even need the camera, I could've just started with a box, but it's only a dollar. Over the last couple of days, I duct taped a few round rings leftover from one of my son's toys (they had plastic parts on them and you pulled them off like parts of a model kit, leaving the plastic rings to be discarded) to the front to create a decent-looking lens portion. I also taped on a small plasic box (that previously held the suntanning goggles that "Tulsa" wore in BLOODSUCKING REDNECK VAMPIRES) to the side as sort of a handle/battery pack kind of thing. Additionally, I found an empty individual serving pancake syrup comtainer, like the ones you get at restaurants, and attached it to the top to use as the "flash" portion. I painted the whole thing with black laytex paint, which helped hide the tape lines a tad and today plan to finish it off by plainting it with black spray paint (to get int he nooks and crannies and give it a nice shine) and adding a plastic container lid "lens" to the very front. I'm hoping that as long as there are no cloe-ups of the prop in the short, the audience will never really think that the camera isn't real. Man, am I cheap!

I also finished dubbing off the DEADLY PREMONITIONS raw footage from miniDV to VHS for scene logging.

Also have done some work trying to get articles/interviews together for's DARK GALLERY e-zine. I think everyone is out of town for the holidays, though!

Hoping to begin on the mummy mask & costume for a DR. PUDDING'S MONSTER FILES segment today, but will have to see how the day unfolds.

Didn't get much sleep last night. I need some aspirin. See you next year.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Half and Half

Well, even after spending bits of my evenings for a few weeks clearing off a whole bunch of files in preparation for a system upgrade (which itself was necesitated by a new printer purchase), I couldn't get TAINTED BLOOD to output to tape without lots of "hiccups" as it played into the last 5 or 6 minutes of the 20 minute short. I think I just didn't have enough processing power to keep up with the file when outputting it.

So I duplicated the whole thing, then took the last 10 minutes off of the first file and the first 10 minutes off of the second file. The result was having 2 10-minute files (Tainted Blood part one; Tainted Blood part two) that I could output to tape just fine. Taking the front half off was problematic and at times I felt like I was re-doing all of the sound and music, but I finally got the video and audio timelines all back in synch. While I don't claim to be an expert and certainly have a pedetrian machine that not really set-up for video editing, at least I have it backed up so I can clear it off of my machine and move on to other projects.

We have a couple of the new iMac G5s at the office. Man those are sweeeeeeeeet. Now if I could just find $1200 in my couch cushions...

As expected all manner of holiday-related and family-related chores have cropped up so movement on anything movie-wise has been next to nil.

Here's to 2006!

Friday, December 16, 2005


My grandmother passed away last Friday after a battle with cancer. Sad, sad times. She had a number of hobbies and talents and was always ready with a joke. She also played the saw. Sometime earlier this year, I asked her to play for my 8-year-old son and I. Always having movie ideas floating around in the back of my head, I thought it would be cool to feature her and her saw-playing in a movie sometime. Maybe some kids are on a road trip and stop one night to stay with someone's grandmom, who tells a hilarous off-color joke and then later plays the saw for them. I envisioned the characters laughing under their breath at the notion, but then being stunned at the otherwordly and kind of creepy sounds she could produce. Perhaps the music would reappear later in the movie or become an underlying theme for a number of melodies as the movie progressed.

But now I'll never be able to do that.


Friday, November 18, 2005

Dr. Squid's Year In Review

It may be a tad premature for a Dr. Squid 2005 wrap-up, but it's already mid-November and soon Thanksgiving will be over and before you know it, it's Christmas and New Year's time with all of the family and friend obligations and then it's 2006. While I'm sure to fall short of my hope to "get everything shot that I have on my plate by the end of the year," I didn't do too badly.

DR. PUDDING'S MONSTER FILES: With my son's help, I made the Underbug and TreeSpirit creatures: UnderBug is shot and Tom Shaffer has everything to shoot the TreeSpirit segment but time. Laura Giglio sent me all of the footage for the "Nurse/Ghost" segment. I still haven't finished the "swimming pool creature" for a segment I'd hoped to have Kimberly Lyn Cole shoot for me. My current plan is to write up a different short for her to do and I have a lead on someone else to shoot a segment for me as well.

TWISTED FATES: Shot the last bits for this anthology's wraparound at the beginning of the year. Came close to casting for the VideoDrone segment in the spring, but things fell through. The wraparound and one segment is shot.

BLOODSUCKING REDNECK VAMPIRES: the wacked-out comedy horror flick is out on DVD from Sub Rosa Studios and it was so cool to be able to add it to my Netflix list this year!

UNDERBELLY: This started streaming on

DEADLY PREMONITIONS: This backburner project came to the forefront for a number of reasons: back in February I was faced with having split the bus & hotel costs with another moviemaker to bring an actress to town (we would shoot for one day each with her) and having my project fall through at the last moment. I pulled this partially-written script up, fleshed out a few scenes and shot some stuff for it. Later, when Tom Stedham offered to fly out to be in a project, the only thing I had anywhere close to being shootable was this. I finished up the script in a few weeks and shot mostly in August and September with only a few scenes remaining to be shot right now.

PREHISTORICUS: I reprised my role as Frank the Astronaut in more shoots for my friend Tom Shaffer's "dinosaur planet" flick, having donned the orange jumpsuit for many weekend shoots over the last several years. Unfortunately Tom had some major computer problems and this project's current status is: needs to be edited...again.

HOUSEBOUND 2: John Bowker and I collaborated on this project which we'd hoped to shoot in June with John directing. The script was done, the major casting was in place and I had a fair amount of preproduction done (shooting schedule, creature designs, etc.) but for a number of reasons, the project had to be cancelled.

SEXY HORROR SCRIPT: I sold a sexy horror script along the lines of WITCHHOUSE 3 and the later WITCHCRAFT sequels to a midwest production company. Hoping it gets made!

ZOMBIE LOVE SLAVE: After a few years of waiting for Tim Davis to shoot an opening sequence I finally told him to forget it and moved ahead with editing. Finally got it wrapped up and now just have to figure out what to do with it (27 minutes long).

TRAILER PARK DOUBLE WIDE TRILOGY OF TERROR: With a lot of post-production and DVD authoring help from Mike Hegg, this comedic horror project shot way back in 1997-1999-or-so finally saw it's way to a DVD-R release in June.

TAINTED BLOOD: Even though I was in the midst of trying to wrap up several projects, I accepted an invitation to contribute a short to a vampire anthology. John Bowker wrote the script and I shot it over a weekend in August. Finally finished it up and sent it off a few weeks ago. Expect it to be a part of ALWAYS MIDNIGHT from Falcon Video.

As I mentioned, the holidays tend to get hectic so it's hard to say if much movement will happen on anything until next year. If anything this blog makes it easy for me to take a look back at what a crazy and busy year it's been.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Old Friends

Mike Hegg, my partner on BLOODSUCKING REDNECK VAMPIRES plans to come down for a visit this weekend and John Bowker, all of whose movies I've worked on, is going to be in town for a couple of days next week. John's anxious to see TAINTED BLOOD, which he wrote for me. I hope he likes it!

Have recently had two orders for DIMENSION OF BLOOD/MONSTER IN THE GARAGE double feature video, even though I've been out of copies for years! Managed to output a few more sleeves today and have one copies dubbed out from the master - plan to do another over the weekend.

Noticed that it was way back on June 8 that I gave Tom Shaffer the script, contract and some funding for the TreeSpirit short for DR. PUDDING'S MONSTER FILES. The contract said he had 6 months to do it, but I haven't progressed much on what will be the other parts of the movie, though, so in the end it's probably not a big deal.

As it's almost mid-November, my plan to have everything shot for all of the projects on my plate doesn't seem like it will pan out, but if I can get the remaining tidbits for DEADLY PREMONITIONS shot, I'll still feel pretty good about how much I was able to get done this year.

More soon...

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Dr. Squid's California Adventure

Three big scary mouths!

One of these guys is made from legos!

It's Mickey!

Leaving Disneyland at midnight, waiting for the shuttle. Note Son of Squid wearing the infamous red shirt as the poor lad was cold

LOOK AT THIS!!! It's the HANNIBAL 8 - Professor Fate's awesome car from "The Great Race!" This and many other supercool cars were at the Peterson Auto Museum. Holy moley it was cool seeing this in person!

Finally got a dub of TAINTED BLOOD mailed off to Falcon Video this week.

More soon...

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

The Happiest Place on Earth

I've been out of touch for a bit as I've been out of town on a week-long trip to Disneyland! I'll post a few photos when I get a chance. Have been scrambling to catch up on some work and home stuff ever since. Need to get the TAINTED BLOOD tape mailed off and see if I can schedule the last remaining bits of DEADLY PREMONITIONS sometime over the next few weeks.

More soon...

Monday, October 17, 2005

Almost There

Life has been keeping me extra busy as of late, but I did manage to squeeze in an afternoon of shooting for DEADLY PREMONITIONS yesterday. Took care of the last bit between Robert J. Olin (Detective Newman) and Toni Draggon (Lisa) as well as scenes between Robert and Amira (Carrie).

I had asked at least three guys about playing the role of the jogger in a sequence with Amira, but no one could make it yesterday and since most everyone else is already in the movie, I had to play the part myself.

All that remains is a bit with Amira and a small reshoot of one scene with Amira and Barb (Eva the scary psychic chick), some insert shots (a sign here, a building exterior there), and a couple of scenes with Robert chatting about the case with his bartending buddy. Hope to take care of all that in November after a trip next week.

Oh, and I think I have TAINTED BLOOD done - dropped in the last of the music, sound and credits - need to dub out a copy from iMovie and check the sound levels on a regular TV to make sure it sounds balanced.

Believe it or not, I've also put in an hour or so on ZOMBIE LOVE SLAVE, finally dropping in those insert shots of the park and working on a tiny bit of music and a whole bunch of zombie-chomping sound effects.

More later...

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Starroid Raiders!!!

Here are my STARROID RAIDERS a set of Star Wars knock-offs my parents got me for Christmas from a catalog. They came packed in a small, plain cardboard box. No fancy packaging - no names, even! I loved them more than some toys perhaps because since no one I knew had them, they seemed almost made for me! I made up names for them and they had many grand adventures alongside micronauts, Hammerhead and an assortment of small rubber monsters. It wasn't until about a year ago that I did some searching online and discovered their true identities: (left to right) Wag, Tanco, Aton, Tior, Newt and Yazu.

Is the Water Warm Enough? Yes, Lisa...

Spent several hours today shooting scenes for DEADLY PREMONITIONS with Toni Draggon as Lisa, Lacey
Brassiere as Wendy and Rob Merickel again playing the masked killer in addition to doing make-up, holding the boom, helping with lights, etc. Great, great performances and everyone seemed to have a swell time.

Look at the SIZE of those things! This was my first time working with Lacey
Brassiere and she was terrific and a real trooper letting us dump a half a bottle of karo syrup blood on her copius cleavage!

Several unexpected things cropped up over the weekend, so still music and sound to work on for TAINTED BLOOD.

Time is flying...

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Joe's Movie Studio

I have the next DEADLY PREMONITIONS shoot scheduled for this coming Sunday. Once again my house will stand in for another location - this time I'll be shooting in the playroom/bonus room above the garage and one of the bathrooms, all standing in as two girls' apartment.

So far, I've used the entryway, front door, hallway and living room for "Eva's house," the family room, kitchen, bedroom, exterior/driveway and 2 bathrooms for "Carrie's house," and the area by my computer for "Eric's office." This weekend will add one of the bathrooms and the playroom/bonus room as the "apartment." I plan to use my office as "Josh's office." Not much of my house left! Amazingly, I have yet to use my garage for DEADLY PREMONITIONS, which has found it's way into most of my movies. Heck I even shot UNDER my house for the UnderBug segment of DR. PUDDING'S MONSTER FILES. Crazy!

Finished the video edit for TAINTED BLOOD last night. Runs a few seconds shy of 20 minutes. Looks cool. Now on to fixing some sound and adding sound effects & music.

Busy busy busy...

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Deadly Premonitions Casting News

I have "Lacey
" cast as Wendy:

And Toni Draggon cast as Lisa:

Now to try and get a shoot scheduled...

Monday, September 12, 2005

One Step at a Time

Spent yesterday shooting pick-ups with Amira for DEADLY PREMONTIONS. All went well and she more than qualifies as a real trooper for having to flip flop between stressed, relaxed, happy, worried and frantic since we were shooting out of sequence.

Have a deadline for TAINTED BLOOD coming up so will need to concentrate on that for a bit to get it done and out.

Meeting with a potential actress this Wendesday for a small role in DEADLY PREMONTIONS.

Finished up a DVD cover design job - need to get on a CD and mail it off.

Watched PARTS: THE CLONUS HORROR last week. Saw it originally on the CBS Late Movie and it sure was creepy. I saw PHANTASM on the CBS Late Movie, too.

More soon...

Monday, August 29, 2005

Crappy soda!

Just pulled in from Seattle after a looooong drive as we had to take a detour to get around an overturned tanker trunk on the freeway. Tired...very tired, but had to update on a couple of things from the previous post:

Peach NeHi - super-fake tasting peach, like little peach hard candies. Too fake for me.

Moxie's Original Elixer - Holy crap this was terrible!! At first when it's in your mouth it kind of tastes like root beer, but quickly becomes bitter and very medicinal. The aftertaste was 1000 times worse! I guess I should've known, since it's called 'Elixer,' but I can't believe ANYONE enjoys this stuff. Wow.

Off to bed...

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Meatballs and Twikki

On vacation in Seattle. Have spent a little time watching a VHS dub of the DEADLY PREMONITIONS footage from a couple of weeks back, making a scene log and notes. Lots of great stuff.

Watched THE ALIEN FACTOR with the kids the other morning. Love that movie.

Tried the new FRAWG slurpee - mild green apple taste. Good stuff.

Went to IKEA last night and enjoyed 20 sweedish meatballs with all of the fixings plus a peach soda that was quite awesome.

Went to the Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame today. I could've spent hours there if not for the kids. Awesome, awesome place full of great props, models and all kinds of stuff. Including the Twikki suit from Buck Rogers!

On the way home, we stopped to get sodas for the kids. I picked up some Peach NeHi and Mixie Original Elixer, which I have yet to try. Also got some Birch Beer, which tastes kind of like those peppermint losenges that taste kind of like Pepto Bismol. A bit too medicinal for me.

More later...

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Tainted Blood, etc.

Busy busy busy...

Two weekends back was my 20th high school reunion. I had reluctantly stepped in to help plan it at the last minute and by some miracle it actually came together and people seemed to have a good time. I even had a couple of people really interested in being in some of my movies as well as someone offer his house as a location. Of course, it could've been the beer talking...

Worked some more on the pool monster head for DR. PUDDING'S MONSTER FILES.

Last weekend, I spent Friday and Saturday night at a location about an hour north shooting a vampire-themed short called TAINTED BLOOD.While the story is set against a World War III of humans vs vampires, the short, written by John Bowker, is really a character study of a husband and wife...with cool plot twists and of course a nice amount of blood and slime! Robert J. Olin delivered another intense performance as did newcomer Toni Draggon. As a matter of fact, I'm not sure I've ever had a more enjoyable shoot! They were so prepared, not only with lines, but body language, blocking ideas, costumes, props, etc. that frankly, I barely had to direct them at all! Looking forward to putting this one together. It will show up as part of an upcoming anthology from Falcon Video. Tentatively lining Toni up to be in some remaining DEADLY PREMONTIONS scenes.

But first, I'm off for about a week and a half for some sorely-needed vacation.

See ya in a bit...

- Joe

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Mr. Fantastic

I wish I could post a detailed production diary complete with kick-ass photos of the incredible DEADLY PREMONITIONS shoot I had over the last jam-packed 3 days, but there is just not enough time. I'm back to work after a few days off and have projects piled up to my eyeballs, plus my 20th high school class reunion is this weekend complete with out-of-town friends flying in and our house hosting a visiting family of five. Between cleaning up the wreckage of shooting in my house and preparing for the weekend guests and visitors, I'll barely have time to breathe!

However, let me say this: Tough Tom Stedham is one fantastic guy - a terrific actor who knew his lines, took direction well, knows more movie quotes than I do, is a laugh riot, doesn't mind moving a light stand or two and takes fantastic pictures (I'll be getting a CD of the hundred or so he took during the shoot in a week or so). Note to any moviemakers out there: work with this guy.

Everyone else was just awesome! Amira not only pulled off playing everything from coy & sexy to scared out of her mind to mad as hell, but looks pretty damned good in skimpy lingerie to boot. Barb creeped the hell out of us with her disturbing portrayal of the disturbed psycho lady and might I say she puts the 'BUST' in bustier. For his portrayal of Detective Newman, Robert J. Olin came complete woith gun, holster, handcuffs, badge and even a handcuffs tie clip! And Rob Merickel gave the greatest maniac killer face I have ever seen - and I mean it.

So many stories to tell! They'll have to wait, but the good news is next time I'll post pictures.

Stay tuned...

Friday, August 05, 2005

Down to the wire

Had a last-minute change to the schedule - Tom's flight gets in about four hours later than originally planned, so the dinner/cast meet & greet is again cancelled. Also, he leaves about 4 hours earlier than originally planned on Monday so we'll have to take care of things earlier in the day, but that should work out fine.

I'm in the midst of getting last-minute items, finishing storyboards and cleaning/decorating my house to serve as the main shooting location. Feeling excited and a tad nervous.

Here we goooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Things Are Looking Up

Was in the midst of reworking the DEADLY PREMONITIONS shooting schedule due to an actor not being available Sunday when I heard from one of the actresses - she had a big commitment for most of Saturday afternoon! That's when I had scheduled most of her scenes! Not a huge deal, I just had to flip-flop the stuff without her and the stuff with her, all still on Saturday.

The better news was that it turns out the actor who can't make it Sunday has Monday off from work. So now I don't have to cram his stuff with Ton into Friday night and what's more, I can shoot a bunch of additional things on Monday with him. Cool.

Could things get any better? Yes! I had lunch at a place in town for the first time today (the place has been there for years, I just never got around to eating there) and they had a tuna melt on the menu. Still mourning over the loss of the Elmer's tuna melt (see earlier post), I decided to try it. And it was GOOD! And the potato salad was excellent as well. Worked a bit on storyboards and prop sketches and enjoyed a good meal.

Fingers crossed that good things continue...

Saturday, July 30, 2005


Monster progress for DR. PUDDING'S MONSTER FILES:

Here is a photo I'd forgotten to post of my son wearing the pre-paint "TreeSpirit" head

Here it is after some paint, etc.

Here's my son wearing the pool monster "skull" after a few more pieces have been added, including the basis for a "fin" on top of it's head.

Here's the mulk-jug and duct tape 'skull' on top of an oscilating fan (which is built-up with a few towels and covered with trash bags), and the next two ingredients: spray foam insulation and green spray paint.

Here's a whole can of the spray foam covering the 'skull.' Next up - wait a day for it to cure and start carving away stuff that doesn't look good.

The monster and the monster-maker.


Friday, July 29, 2005

Son Of A...

I had the PERFECT shooting schedule worked out for DEADLY PREMONITIONS next weekend and planned to send it out on my lunch hour today and then get a voicemail at 7:30 this morning from one of the actors - he was already unavailable for most of the shooting schedule: now he can only be there for four hours. Four hours!


Too many things to list that this messes up. Need to rethink it all.


More later...

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Tom is a GO!

Had a great chat on the phone last night with Tom Stedham. Tom is coming out next weekend for several days of shooting for DEADLY PREMONITIONS playing the female lead's boyfriend, Eric.

As mentioned the other day, Amira is on board for DEADLY PREMONITIONS, playing the lead role of Carrie.

Robert J. Olin is cast as Detective Newman in DEADLY PREMONITIONS

Tom Shaffer plays the role of Josh in DEADLY PREMONTIONS

I'm very close to having a shooting schedule worked out - I have scenes all grouped by location and day - now just have to work out how long each set-up & scene will take.

Made some good progress on the pool monster head for DR. PUDDING'S MONSTER FILES last night. Took a few pictures of it on my son's head - will post soon. The cut-up-milk jugs & duct tape "skull" is almost complete. Next up: using spray foam insulation to build on top of that, then a combination of green plastic tarp material and spray paint for the skin. Oh, and translucent plastic easter eggs for eyes. Scaaaaaary!!!!!

And wouldn't you know it: as soon as I posted yesterday about a zero response rate for my little postcard mailing for TRAILER PARK DOUBLE WIDE TRILOGY OF TERROR, I stop by the PO Box and there are three responses. While I should be putting that money directly to the VISA card to pay of the DVD-R duplication costs, I'm feeling like I need to save it for the upcoming DEADLY PREMONTIONS shoot. It will at least buy the cast a lunch and maybe a few extra sodas!

I'm trying not to think this is a bad sign or anything, but I went to Elmer's for lunch today to work on the shooting schedule for DEADLY PREMONITIONS. An odd tradition I began back on John Bowker's HOUSEBOUND that includes getting a tuna melt on sourdough. Elmer's has the best tuna melt in the universe. Well,..they HAD the best tuna melts in the universe. It's gone! Off the menu! I asked the waitress about it and she rubbed it in by saying, "We don't have any tuna in the house." Aaauugh! I'm writing a letter!

As an aside, while I was eating my chicken strips & mashed potatoes (a POOR substitute for that glorious tuna melt), a guy came up to me, held out his hand and said, "Great job, great product, and keep on doing what you're doing: we love it." It was then that I realized he'd seen the Jones Soda Co. shirt I was wearing and assumed I worked for the Seattle-based drinkmaker. While I had to admit that I didn't work for the company I informed the man I was a fan of the beverages as well. Truth be told, my wife picked up the super-cool shirt at a garage sale in Seattle!

Busy busy busy...

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Deadly Premonitions Rolls On

Finally heard back from the out-of-town actor who is flying in next weekend to be a part of DEADLY PREMONITIONS. Going to spend the next several nights fine-tuning a shooting schedule, props list, etc.

That vampire-themed short, called TAINTED BLOOD, is again up in the air. The actress flaked out again and my actor is trying to line up a replacement.

A big fat zero responses to my postcard mailing, but then again, it's a different world today than it was 3 or 4 years ago when those things worked well enough to recoup my duplication costs for my flicks. You never know, though, sometimes it takes folks a while to respond to those things - I often wonder if people are waiting until the end of the month when they get a paycheck to place their order. Hmmm...

Wish I had more to report, and the week is half over!!! Oh well. More soon...

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Balls in the Air

Finally got the remainder of the TRAILER PARK DOUBLE WIDE TRILOGY OF TERROR DVD-Rs mailed out on Monday to cast who've moved away and some fellow filmmakers I trade flicks with.

I mailed out about 50 postcards last week to folks who have bought my crazy movies in the past. I was pretty stringent on sorting the list this time - there are plenty of folks who bought something several years ago but have bought nothing since. They'll remain on the list for a big newsletter mailing where I'm pimping everything I've got on the off-chance they'll see something they like (which has happened more than once), but for now I stuck with recent buyers and a few cult video shops.

Meanwhile, I still haven't heard from my out-of-town actor to confirm that he is still flying out for the DEADLY PREMONITIONS shoot. He was in the path of Hurricane Dennis, but I would hope he would've been able to contact me by now. Hmmm...

The good news is that I've cast a few great people for DEADLY PREMONITIONS: Robert J. Olin is cast as Detective Newman and Amira, who I last worked with on TRAILER PARK TRILOGY (see picture below) and MONSTER IN THE GARAGE waaaaaay back in the 90s (!), has accepted the lead role of Carrie.

I worked a tiny bit last night on the pool monster head for DR. PUDDING'S MONSTER FILES: hope to get some more time in on that tonight.

The vampire-themed short I mentioned the other day is in limbo right now. As always happens with casting, it's feast or famine. I had lots of trouble finding a guy and a girl for it then all of a suddent I had two couples! Now one of them had flaked out, but the actor might be able to find someone else. Luckily the producer has given me more time, so stay tuned...

So many balls in the air...

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

TPDWTOT Party Pics!

The cast premiere party for TRAILER PARK DOUBLE WIDE TRILOGY OF TERROR was a great success! 12 or 13 people showed up, several driving in from an hour away and a couple coming in from four hours away! Crazy! But way cool as there were more cast members there than I expected. We checked out a Star Trek fanfilm short someone had done and then watched the trailer for ZOMBIE LOVE SLAVE. Holy moley people really seemed to dig it and seemed really anxious to know when it woul dbe out (the answer - I don't know, as I haven't exactly decided yet!). Every one seemed to enjoy TRAILER PARK, laughing at the right times and getting scared/grossed out at the right times. We ate, drank and were merry. Here are a few pics:

Joe, Joe and Dee mug for the camera

Barb, Dee, Joe and Natalie check out the photo album

Robert and Natalie drove over an hour to come to the party!

Finally got some postcard stamps today so I can mail out the TRAILER PARK postcards to past video buyers.

Dropped the opening and ending credits into ZOMBIE LOVE SLAVE. Remembered that I need a couple of pick-up shots of a city park sign as well as a few sound effects and some music to drop in.

Waiting to hear back from a potential actor for DEADLY PREMONITIONS and realized he is right in the path of Hurricane Dennis in Alabama! If that's why he hasn't gotten back to me, I hope he's OK and he's got a pretty good reason for the delay! Over the weekend I gave DP scripts to an actor and actress I've worked with in the past. The actor is on board pending scheduling. Waiting to hear if the actress is game for the female lead.

I was asked a few weeks back by a producer in NYC if I would contribute a vampire-themed short to an upcoming anthology. I'm currently juggling all sorts of projects, so what do I say? Yes! Doh! So in short order, my buddy John Bowker pulls out an old script and whips it into shape for me and I've been trying to cast it over the last couple of weeks. The producer wants, how shall I put this, some skin in the segment (nothing x-rated, but we all know that one of the three "B's" in b-movie is "boobs"). With many of the people I've worked with in the past having moved away or decided they're not doing movies anymore, this has actually made casting rather difficult. My friend Jon has been helping out by putting me in contact with some people he knows, but so far nothing has panned out. The produccer really wants everything turned in the first week of August so if things don't come together this weekend, I will be starting to panic...

Friday, July 08, 2005

The Next Day...

Last night I cut together a quickie trailer for ZOMBIE LOVE SLAVE to show at the premiere party tomorrow night and exported it to MiniDV - just goig to make a VHS dub of it to show at the party.

I also finished the opening and ending credits for ZOMBIE LOVE SLAVE and exported them to miniDV.

Baby steps...

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Time Is Flying...

The TRAILER PARK DOUBLE WIDE TRILOGY OF TERROR cast & friends premiere party is this Saturday. Should be fun to see everyone, but there will be several people missing including one cast member who sadly passed away about 2 years after her scenes were shot. I'm hoping to cut together a quickie trailer for ZOMBIE LOVE SLAVE to show. Will try and take a few pics at the party.

Got some postcards promoting TPDWTOT printed over the weekend and hope to get those mailed out to past video buyers by the end of the week.

Tom Shaffer came by last week to show me the rubber monster hands and they look AWESOME! He's working on finding the right cast for the TreeSpirit short for DR. PUDDING'S MONSTER FILES.

I finally worked my way through enough of a first draft of DEADLY PREMONITIONS that I could send it off to an actor who is hoping to fly out here to play a role. Waiting to get confirmation before I more forward.

Need to take care of one small tweak to the end credits and make an opening credit for ZOMBIE LOVE SLAVE and it will be done, drop it all in and I think that puppy will be done. As it stands, it would likely work on a 40 minute tape if I throw a couple trailers on at the end. Would anyone besides the cast be interested in something that short? Should I combine it with something else? But what? I don't have anything "laying around" to add to it. Hmmm.....

My son and his friend came up with "a movie" for me to shoot the other night, entitled NIGHTMARE OF HORROR. It was actually a cpeery short about 2 kids who wake up hearing strange noises, then face a monster only to wake up and find it was all a nightmare. The next day, my son came up to me and said he had a title for the sequel: NIGHTMARE OF HORROR 2: THE NIGHTMARE COMES TRUE. Genius! And he's only 8!

Oh, and that "cool opportunity" that arose back in mid-May was selling a script! I had to quickly revamp an old script I'd originally written with the idea of pitching it as the next in the Witchcraft series. I had to trim down the number of characters and locations, stretch it out a tad and insert some more sexy bits. Here's hoping it gets made!

More as things happen...

Friday, June 24, 2005


The horror schlockfest TRAILER PARK DOUBLE WIDE TRILOGY OF TERROR is now available on a snazzy DVD-R complete with uncut feature, a bloopers segment and cast interviews featurette! Get yours now for $11.95 plus $3.95 s&h (USA orders only) - check or money orders to Joe Sherlock, PO Box 856, Corvallis, Oregon 97339.

More pics at

Friday, June 17, 2005

The Crawling Hand

Well, work has been a killer this week so pretty much all of my plans for any movie-related stuff were screwed. Damn. Going to do more scriptwriting this weekend.

Tom called and said that the rubber monster gloves arrived in the mail and that they looked really great.

Looks like we have a place to hold a TRAILER PARK DOUBLE WIDE TRILOGY OF TERROR cast & friends screening. Now to pick a date...

Monday, June 13, 2005

Mason Jars

Did you know that those jars used for home canning are named "Mason" after John L. Mason, the inventor of the first common canning jar? Neither did I. Oh, the wonders of the internet!

Was working today at lunch on that script I shouldn't be working on (reminds me of 'The Thing That Should Not Be!') and came up with a nifty little plot device centered around mason jars. I say "shouldn't be working on" because I should be working on DEADLY PREMONITIONS instead. See my earlier "Man of A Thousand Ideas" posting.

Gotta get moving on TRAILER PARK DOUBLE WIDE TRILOGY OF TERROR - need to get sleeves printed, pick a price point and try and sell as many as I can before the VISA bill for the DVD-R duplication comes in!

Sunday, June 12, 2005

10 Pages Walk Into a Bar...

Didn't make as much headway as I'd wanted to on the DEADLY PREMONITIONS script over the weekend, but got about 10 pages done and feel like I'm really on a roll with it.

Spent today creating the DVD sleeve for TRAILER PARK TRILOGY OF TERROR. Check it out:

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Bit by Bit

Finished the end credits for ZOMBIE LOVE SLAVE tonight via 3 formats of videotape plus iMovie and Photoshop.

Worked on the DEADLY PREMONITIONS script as well.

Watched THE ALIEN FACTOR for the zillionth time with my son tonight. It was an early inspiration and continues to be to this day.

Don't Answer the Phone

I'm very excited about DEADLY PREMONITIONS - I had a basic plot outline written up as well as about 30 pages of the script, but knew that a) I needed to figure out the mechanics of some of the last several sequences as well as b) fill in some plot holes. One of those was exactly how the killer knew who to kill (the victims are all people the main character had recently called). Today over lunch, I came up with this: show an "employee of the month award" from the phone company at the killer's home and hopefully the audience will just accept that they somehow were able to access phone records. Also managed to weave the detective character in and out of the existing main story and the "filler killer" scenes.

On the DR. PUDDING'S MONSTER FILES front, I dropped off the TreeSpirit script, a contract and a check to cover some production costs at Tom's house last night. Later he came by and picked up the creature head I'd made. Now that's off my plate and onto his. Next up - finishing the pool monster outfit for Kimberly Lynn Cole's segment.

So many balls in the air...what else is new?

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Different Day, Different Story

The new issue of Draculina (#49) is at the printers, so I'd expect it out in a few weeks. It's contains my latest "Ladies in the Biz" column as well as an extensive bunch of interviews about the upcoming horror flick BLOOD LEGEND.

The TRAILER PARK DOUBLE WIDE TRILOGY OF TERROR DVD-Rs showed up yesterday! I checked one out last night and the whole thing played just fine. Whew! Now I need to finish up the sleeve design, get them printed and package a bunch up for cast & crew. That, plus see about scheduling a premiere party.

Need to get cracking on the DEADLY PREMONITIONS script as it's looking like "the stars are aligning" for me to shoot a bunch of it in early August. More as that develops...

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Man of a Thousand Ideas

Worked on the end credits for ZOMBIE LOVE SLAVE a bit last night.

I also, dare I say it, have been working on another script. What can I say? I just cannot change - I am resigned to the fact that however much I try to stay on task and finish one project before starting the next, I will always have multiple projects going on at the same time.

This is one that I've recently had a couple of rough, but funny scene ideas for and after working on notes for it over my last several lunch hours, my brain is on fire with plot points, funny lines, sight gags and the like.

And so it goes...

Monday, June 06, 2005

Work Work Work

Not as productive a weekend as I had hoped for, but what else is new? Actually between a literal box of work I brought home from the day job and laying on a heating pad due to a sore back all day Sunday, it's amazing I got anything done at all.

In an odd sort of round-about fashion, I did dub off some bits of my VHS ZOMBIE LOVE SLAVE tape, itself dubbed from the 3/4" master, to miniDV. I plan to import the miniDV footage into iMovie on my iMac, use the shots to create the end credits, then dub the finished credits back to miniDV, bump it to 3/4", edit it to the 3/4" master tape, eventually dubbing the 3/4" master tape to miniDV to give to whomever will be making copies for me. Believe it or not, this is probably the best was to get this thing finished.

I also did a bit of work on the DEADLY PREMONITIONS script.

I got a call from someone who was in TRAILER PARK DOUBLE WIDE TRILOGY OF TERROR who might have a place we can hold a premiere party and has a friend who offered to show her short Star Trek fan film beforehand. Works for me! Waiting to hear back...

I kept meaning to work on the Pool Monster head for DR. PUDDING'S MONSTER FILES, but other things kept getting in my way. Speaking of which, my son got his red belt in TaeKwonDo this weekend. He so impresses me. He is literally less than a year from being a black belt. An 8-year-old kid and he'll be a black belt. Wow. He already tells kids at school that he's a movie star (rationalizing that he DID have a role in BLOODSUCKING REDNECK VAMPIRES and it DID play in a theater - Sabala's in Portland), so I need to make sure I work some cool martial arts action into my next project for him!

Thursday, June 02, 2005


Edited together 6 minutes worth of bloopers and behind-the-scenes stuff for ZOMBIE LOVE SLAVE last night. I think perhaps they are even funnier than the movie itself!

Talked a bit with Tom yesterday about him shooting the TreeSpirit segment for DR. PUDDING'S MONSTER FILES.

Better news on the PREHISTORICUS front - Tom said that he'll be getting the computer fixed up soon so will be set up to edit again shortly. The bad news is that the hard drive was unrecoverable so he will have to capture and edit the footage all over again.

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Productive Weekend

Managed to get the DEADLY PREMONITIONS files I'd been working on on the laptop (in simpletext) moved over to the other computer and dropped into Final Draft. Have a few more ideas to work in, mainly expanding the role of a police detective.

Gave Tom the money for the monster gloves he won the EBay bid for. He figures he'll have them within in a couple of weeks. To that end, I printed out the script and agreement for TreeSpirit last night and hope to met with Tom next weekend to go over everything so he can start pre-production and casting.

Finished the DVD-R imprint artwork for TRAILER PARK DOUBLE WIDE TRILOGY and will be sending everything off to the duplicator today. Yeah!

Got the old 3/4" editing system put back together (I'd had to take a TV/VCR out of the set-up to take to a game con I had a table at a few months back, and also had another VCR out of the loop from when one elsewhere in the house died) and dubbed off a VHS copy of ZOMBIE LOVE SLAVE to generate a "still left to do" list and a credits list from. Off the top of my head the "still left to do" includes dropping in static shots of a park sign, some generic forest shots and some sound work. It's a whopping 27 minutes long without opening or ending credits and I still have to get the bloopers cut together. Hope to do that next weekend.

Also managed to get 4 Dark Gallery interviews completed and formatted for, have a kidless dinner out with my wife, do a bunch of yardwork, play with my kid, finish editing/dubbing out a short video project, do a little work on the pool monster head, and a bunch of other stuff.

More later...

Monday, May 23, 2005

Your Lack of Faith Disturbs Me...

A cool opportunity arose in the last week and a half that pretty much took all of my spare time so all other movie projects went to the back burner. If something comes of it, I'll note it here. Now back to everything else.

I did work a bit more on the plot structure of DEADLY PREMONITIONS last night: came up with a few more sequences, tied some parts together, make notes about when/where certain things had to happen so that events & motivations made sense in later scenes, etc.

Bad news on the PREHISTORICUS front (my friend Tom's astronauts and dinosaurs movie I was in) - Tom called me yesterday to tell me that his computer died, so all of his edited files are gone. Once he can afford to get a new set-up he'll have to import & edit the footage all over again. Bummer - I was really looking forward to that one.

Meanwhile, Tom has bid online on a pair of monster gloves that he plans to use for the TreeSpirit segment for DR. PUDDING'S MONSTER FILES.

Monday, May 16, 2005


Getting over the stomach flu; trying to catch up at work and home.

TreeSpirit head is done. Decided I will buy rubber monster hands instead of making ones out of tree branches as originally planned.

Added a scene to DEADY PREMONITIONS script to further bridge some scenes as well as add some creepiness: girl goes jogging, stalked by unseen person (several POV shots), gets freaked, runs back to car, turns out it's just another jogger who picked up the watch the girl had dropped. Yeah, so it's a fake-out, but it does what it needs to mechanically for the script.

Tim Davis' last shoot for the ZOMBIE LOVE SLAVE opening was again postponed. I told him to just forget about it. I need to get that project done and off my plate. Expect more details soon.

Still need to do that DVD artwork so I can get those TRAILER PARK DOUBLE WIDE TRILOGY DVD-Rs ordered...

Ordered and watched this bizarro DVD over the weekend: THE NAKED COSMOS - it grows on a fungus!!! I mean that in the best way possible. How cosmic that I was recently in Las Vegas and it turns out that this video was made there. I knew of creator Gilbert Hernandez from his work on LOVE and ROCKETS and BIRDLAND comics.

More soon...

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Cyber Silence

I duct-taped a couple of fake vines I'd bought at the Dollar Tree to the back of the TreeSpirit head so they'll come around the sides of the head and down the shoulders. Painted over the tape and dabbed a bunch of paint on the black fabric neck to help it blend in a bit with the head. I'd previously planned to make some big hands out of actual tree branches and glue. Seriously thinking of just buying some rubber monster hands and letting Tom get started on his preproduction (I didn't want him to start until the monster outfit was done).

Worked a tiny bit on the DEADLY PREMONITIONS script last night on the laptop while my son was settling down to sleep. Switched a birthday dinner opening to a birthday breakfast-in-bed opening to allow the movie to take place over just a few days. Plus it starts the lead actress off in lingerie or some such nightwear. Clever, no?

Last I heard from Tim Davis, he'd rescheduled his shoot for the ZOMBIE LOVE SLAVE opening sequence for May 1. I've e-mailed him twice this week to get a status report and have been met with cyber silence. Not good.

Friday, April 29, 2005

Not Much Goin' On

Have been out of town for about a week so not much has ben going on movie-wise. I did work some more on the TreeSpirit head last week. Added some red gels behind the eyes and started attaching a black collar at the bottom of the mask to hide the wearer's neck. Once it's all attached, I'll sponge paint parts of it with the same brown/black painting scheme as the head.

Here are a couple of pics from the PREHISTORICUS shoot I was in.

The one directly above was a cool forced perspective shot, which we ruined for this photo by walking up to the spaceship model. Still neat, in a b-movie cheeseball way though.

Tim Davis reports that he is now scheduled to shoot the opening to ZOMBIE LOVE SLAVE on May 1. We'll see...

May be news soon of a DVD release of a movie I worked on a few years ago. Can't say anything quite yet.

Busy weekend with lots of housework, yardwork and family stuff going on. Poor outlook for movie progress...

Monday, April 18, 2005

Electric Boogaloo

HOUSEBOUND 2 is being postponed.

John Bowker wrote and directed the original Housebound. I shot and lit it, acted in it and did a bunch of effects for it. For the sequel, John Bowker and I collaborated on the storyline, John wrote the script and I've been working on the shooting schedule, budgeting and productions sketches. Well, long story short, it's all about money - or the lack of it, and so the project is currently ebing filed under "postponed." It's not going to happen this summer, but may happen someday.

With that off of my plate, I'm going to move ahead with getting DVD-r copies of TRAILER PARK DOUBLE WIDE TRILOGY OF TERROR made, as well as getting on with finishing TWISTED FATES, and working on DR. PUDDING'S MONSTER FILES and finishing the DEADLY PREMONITIONS script.

Stay tuned...

Monday, April 11, 2005

Frank the Astronaut

Spent a few hours Saturday playing "Frank the Astronaut" in what I hope will be the last shoots for my friend Tom's PREHISTORICUS project. Pretty much running around in an orange jumpsuit with two other survivors of a spaceship explosion (we all "beamed" down before the explosion). We ran from pretend dinosaurs, blew up a calculator with a smokebomb and did a cool forced-perspective shot finding the rescue ship, which was played by some sort of plastic water pump (but it did look like a spaceship, too). It was actually fun as we didn't have to hike too far to the woodsy location and I only had to fall down once.

Meanwhile I got the pick-up shots from Laura Giglio for her ghost short for DR. PUDDING'S MONSTER FILES. They look good and should help make the sequence run smoother.

Had dinner with Mike Hegg, my partner in crime on BLOODSUCKING REDNECK VAMPIRES, on Saturday night - I hadn't seen him in probably three months! He's been busy with shooting & editing productions in Portland (Oregon).

Have a few days off at the end of the week so hoping to get a ton of stuff done on all fo these movie projects. We shall see...

Monday, April 04, 2005

Actor Reports Orange Jumpsuit Too Tight in Crotch

Spent Saturday and Sunday sitting at a vendor table at the "Just A Game Con" con at the local fairgrounds, sponsored by a local comic and game shop. It's not the ideal place for selling microcinema fare but I did sell a handful of items and had a swell time chatting with some old friends from the comic & game shop days.
Perhaps the best part was that I had long stretches of uninterrupted time away from any internet, TV or family distractions, which enabled me to work on the HOUSEBOUND 2 shooting schedule I've been trying to eek out for weeks! I really made a quantum leap on it so I'm psyched. John Bowker and I collaborated on the story, John wrote the script and is coming up to Oregon this summer to direct the 10-day shoot. I'll be camera/lights/sound guy as well as doing a lot of effects work and a tiny bit of acting as well.

Heard back from an actress who was game to be in my VIDEODRONE short, but alas, she is moving to LA in one month and I have enough commitments this month to keep me from getting the shoot together before she leaves. Bummer. I do have a back-up actress, though, so hopefully I can pull something together for May or June.

Laura Giglio e-mailed me to say she'd completed the pick-up shots I'd asked her to do for the ghost short she shot most of last fall. Watching for her tape in the mail.

Despite having previously told my friend Tom Shaffer that I was never going to get into the too-small orange jumpsuit that was my costume playing an astronaut stranded on a planet of dinosaurs again, I will be once again squeezing into that too-small orange jumpsuit for more scenes for his flick PREHISTORICUS this coming Saturday. More running around in the woods, ad-libbing and pretending to see dinasaurs just off-screen. It wouldn't be so bad if we didn't have to hike so far to get to the prime locations Tom finds. Well, that, and if the jump suit wasn't so small.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Productive Evening Last Night

DR. PUDDING'S MONSTER FILES: Worked on the "pool monster" head a bit on Sunday night - it's all plastic milk jugs & duct tape right now. Bought some spray foam insulation and spray paint last night. Hope to work more on this tonight. Also got word from Laura Giglio that she's going to be able to shoot the pick-ups for DONNA THE NURSE (I gotta make up a creepier name for that segment) in the next couple of weeks. Last week I picked up some fake vines with leaves on them at the Dollar Tree to add to the paper mache head I've made for the "Tree Spirit," the titular character in a segment I'm writing that is kind of like Pumpkinhead if Pumpkinhead was made from a tree. Photos soon...

Sent a PDF of the VideoDrone segment of TWISTED FATES to a local actress recommended by an actor I've worked with a lot. We'll see if she's interested.

No word from Tim Davis on the status of the ZOMBIE LOVE SLAVE opening sequence.

Got a quote from an area replicator on getting DVD-R copies of TRAILER PARK DOUBLE WIDE TRILOGY OF TERROR. Need to whip up some art for the discs and the sleeves and get them ordered.

Heading out of town for a bit of a Spring Break/Easter vacation. Plan to take the laptop and work on some scripts/shooting schedules.

Monday, March 07, 2005

Revenge of the Underbug!!!

Friday night my son and I spent some quality time together in the crawlspace underneath my house. We were finally getting around to shooting more on the "Underbug" project with me starring as an exterminator and him puppeteering the paper mache bugmonster head we made. It was a blast.

Unfortunately the rechargable halogen hunting light I'd bought a while back didn't last very long at all, so I really only got one shot where there was a bit of blue light accenting the scene (in addition to the flashlight my character was holding). Then the light dimmed completely out. I guess it might actually be creepier to have so much darkness down there, although it makes the bug head a bit hard to see, even when I'm running my flashlight beam over it. I will have to see how things look once I do a rough edit. If it's too confusing to follow what's happening, I'll figure out a better lighting set-up and reshoot sometime (my usual movie lights wouldn't work because the stards are too tall and they get too hot).

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Snowstorm of the Undead

Tim Davis' shoot for ZOMBIE LOVE SLAVE was cancelled last Saturday due to a snow storm in the Virginia area. Damn.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Double Wide, Baby!

Mike sent down a final proof DVD-R of TRAILER PARK DOUBLE WIDE TRILOGY OF TERROR. I checked it out and IT'S GOOOOOOD! Well, the content may be a tad questionable, but the DVD authoring, "filmlooking," etc. are all good. I need to look into my duplication options, but I hope to be able to start taking preorders for this lost masterpiece of backyard video schlock soon...

That Mike guy...whaddaguy!

After originally planning to do it in November of last year, I finally mailed out about 100 direct-mail pieces to my "Dr. Squid mailing list" of people who've picked up my videos and such in the past. I arranged part of it like a newsletter with updates on all the movie projects currently going on or recently finished. This is the first mailing I've done since BLOODSUCKING REDNECK VAMPIRES has come out, so it will be interesting to see if sales at bump up a bit for BRV or not.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Small Movements

Mike Hegg is planning to put together a final DVD master for TRAILER PARK DOUBLE WIDE TRILOGY OF TERROR. Hoping that'll show up this week. Mike is a busy busy man, but a really good guy.

Tim Davis has the opening for ZOMBIE LOVE SLAVE scheduled for February 26. Fingers crossed...

Two weekends back I ended up shooting scenes for DEADLY PREMONITIONS, a slasher/thriller I'm in the midst of finishing up the script for. Several weeks back fellow microcinemma moviemaker Tom Shaffer and I struck a deal to split the bus fare and hotel costs for brining Alexandra Paris down from Portland for a weekend of shooting (one day for his project, one day for mine). Unfortunately with being sick and busy at work, I didn't have time to properly prepare for my original shooting plans, so quickly pulled togther the DEADLY PREMONITION scenes and we shot them in her hotel room.

I have a lead on an actress who may be interested in playing "Alice" in the VideoDrone segment of TWISTED FATES. Stay tuned...

Friday, January 28, 2005

Sore Throat From Beyond Space

Damn cold.

I actually missed two days of work this week due to this sore throat/cold/flu thing I've got - those of you who know me know that missing work during annual catalog AND spring schedule production means I'm feeling pretty awful.

They actually closed down an area elementary school recently because over half of the kids were all home sick. Yikes.

Mike Hegg sent me a proof dub of TRAILER PARK DOUBLE WIDE TRILOGY OF TERROR...on DVD-R no less! How supercool! Thanks, Mike!!! It looks/sounds good and I have to admit I had a fun time watching it again. Perhaps it will work well as a "beer and pizza" movie. More news soon...

Tim Davis sent me a photo of a model/actress he's cast in the opening for ZOMBIE LOVE SLAVE. Pretty hot. He's hoping to shoot soon...

Vista Street Entertainment says that SWEET PAMELA (aka UNDERBELLY) is streaming on the net. They're supposed to get back to me with more details.

A John Bowker-directed movie I was director of photography on called THE SEEKERS is part of a new DVD multipack called "Bad Taste Theater: Even Worse Than Evil."

Wish I had more movie stuff to report. Hoping to be well soon...

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Heeeeeeeere's Buggy!

OK, here's my son operating the mandibles on the UnderBug. He picked out a picture of some South American giant beetle in one of his books as the inspiration, helped with the paper mache' and even helped paint it. I think the eyes cost me $4, and I did buy a small can of black paint (which I only used about 5% of for this project) for a few bucks, but everything else was basically free: empty soda bottles, cardboard, duct tape, newspaper, flour and water.

Meanwhile, I did end up shooting the last bit of wraparound sequence for TWISTED FATES with Dee and Jon last Friday. Thanks to audio problems and a lot of driving back and forth to work around it, it took about 4 hours longer than it should have! But at least it's done.

Mike Hegg got busy with stuff in Portland, so he plans to mail me a proof dub of TRAILER PARK TRILOGY OF TERROR.

Tim Davis reports that he plans to schedule the ZOMBIE LOVE SLAVE opening shoot "in a few weeks."

I've been fighting a cold all week, so not much progress on any movie stuff.


Wednesday, January 05, 2005


I'll have to snap a picture of the UnderBug and post it (thanks for the suggestion, John), but here is the Creature From the Black Lagoon-inspired monster suit I made for about ten bucks, modelled by my son who really digs it!

Moving Ahead

It looks like I'll be shooting the remainder of the TWISTED FATES wraparound sequence this Friday night. I also talked to Mike Hegg on Monday and he plans to come down Friday night with what we hope to be the final proof dub of TRAILER PARK DOUBLE WIDE TRILOGY OF TERROR. Fingers crossed...

Monday, January 03, 2005

The UnderBug

This weekend, my son and I painted the paper mache bug monster head, which he has dubbed "The UnderBug" (since in the story, it lives 'under' the house). It does indeed look creepy with moving mandibles and four glass eyes, originally meant for taxidermy purposes - I picked those up at Archie McPhee in Seattle.
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