Monday, December 30, 2013

2013 End of the Year Wrap-Up

2013 was a hell of a fucking year, marked by highs and lows. Tragic deaths in the family and a horrible car accident for me have taken their toll on me and on the 'ol movie stuff.

However, in looking back, I did get quite a few things accomplished, and that's kind of what this wrap-up thing is for: to help me rise above the grindstone every once in a while and see what's been accomplished and appreciate it a little bit.

I got set up with a new computer, Final Cut Pro and a new HD camera earlier this year - and boy have I used the heck out of them.

Lots of movement on BLOOD CREEK WOODSMAN. My buddy John Bowker proposed making this way back in 2009, with us splitting the work (him writing and editing and me directing and co-producing with him). But years later, the movie sat waiting in line behind another project John was editing. Our old pal Mike Hegg offered to help put it together so I spend many weekends at his place last year helping get that movie cut together. The process continued into 2013.

I cut a 4-minute sizzle reel and two trailers together for BLOOD CREEK WOODSMAN, plus recorded and made a video for a BCW song on a dare. Made cool masks for the pickup shots and had the BCW trailer shown in front of The Circle, a Portland-shot short film, at the Hollywood Theater. Created character frames for the end credits and looked through all of the footage again and cut together a blooper reel. Designed poster for BCW World Premiere, and held that World Premiere at Crypticon Seattle 2013!

I recently visited Mike again and we got through a lot of the final tiny audio and video tweaks, so now he is just working on some color correction and the plan is to get some DVDs made and hold some more screenings because this will be a fun movie to watch with a crowd!

I did an extensive interview with Scott Phillips for Cheese Magnet that was a lot of fun. Thanks, Scott!

I finished work on re-issuing three of my very early projects, DIMENSION OF BLOOD, MONSTER IN THE GARAGE and CRIMSON HEATER, designed packaging and got DVDs made, and even made two special edition VHS versions for collectors!

My horror short SUPERSTAR was featured at the 2013 Mid-Valley Video Festival in Salem, Oregon and a photo of me with Floyd Sumner, Sophia Maria and Rob Merickel ran in the Statesman Journal newspaper! Snazzy! Not only that but it's in near constant rotation over at online indie channel!

Starting in the spring, I wrote, produced, directed and shot a new horror movie, DRIFTER with some old and new friends. I currently have it all edited with a kick ass sound track by Steve Sessions (who also scored BLOOD CREEK WOODSMAN) and only a few things left to finish it up! Also edited together the behind-the-scenes featurette already! More news soon!

Had a great time at the Crypticon Seattle horror convention, including the World Premiere of BLOOD CREEK WOODSMAN and posted the usual huge Crypticon trip diary.

I set up a new blog to showcase a bunch of cartoons I did back in college of the college paper: Cheese Sandwich! I scanned 100 of the suckers, but only have a few posted - that's something to get back to in 2014.

I set up a TUMBLR page as a spot to throw snazzy photos:

After many, many hassles and technical issues, I finally got my horror shorts compilation BENEATH A DEAD MOON together. It was great to be able to showcase several old shorts that never really got much distribution as well as a few newer ones. Designed the packaging, got some DVDs made and held an incredibly fun premiere screening of it in early November.

In the late fall, I began work on a new movie project. It's weird. It's super weird. It's hopefully only going to be a few more months before it's all wrapped up and I'll start talking about it...

So what's in store for 2014? I don't know. Movie stuff. Ongoing physical therapy stuff to recover from the car accident. Another Crypticon Seattle. I'll try to update the blog a little more. Hopefully more fun, less death, less stress, less crap.

I am so very lucky to have such great friends and have had such fun people come into my life making these wacky movies.

So lucky to still be here.

Lucky and thankful.

Very lucky.

Very thankful.

Here's to 2014.

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