Saturday, July 30, 2005


Monster progress for DR. PUDDING'S MONSTER FILES:

Here is a photo I'd forgotten to post of my son wearing the pre-paint "TreeSpirit" head

Here it is after some paint, etc.

Here's my son wearing the pool monster "skull" after a few more pieces have been added, including the basis for a "fin" on top of it's head.

Here's the mulk-jug and duct tape 'skull' on top of an oscilating fan (which is built-up with a few towels and covered with trash bags), and the next two ingredients: spray foam insulation and green spray paint.

Here's a whole can of the spray foam covering the 'skull.' Next up - wait a day for it to cure and start carving away stuff that doesn't look good.

The monster and the monster-maker.


Friday, July 29, 2005

Son Of A...

I had the PERFECT shooting schedule worked out for DEADLY PREMONITIONS next weekend and planned to send it out on my lunch hour today and then get a voicemail at 7:30 this morning from one of the actors - he was already unavailable for most of the shooting schedule: now he can only be there for four hours. Four hours!


Too many things to list that this messes up. Need to rethink it all.


More later...

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Tom is a GO!

Had a great chat on the phone last night with Tom Stedham. Tom is coming out next weekend for several days of shooting for DEADLY PREMONITIONS playing the female lead's boyfriend, Eric.

As mentioned the other day, Amira is on board for DEADLY PREMONITIONS, playing the lead role of Carrie.

Robert J. Olin is cast as Detective Newman in DEADLY PREMONITIONS

Tom Shaffer plays the role of Josh in DEADLY PREMONTIONS

I'm very close to having a shooting schedule worked out - I have scenes all grouped by location and day - now just have to work out how long each set-up & scene will take.

Made some good progress on the pool monster head for DR. PUDDING'S MONSTER FILES last night. Took a few pictures of it on my son's head - will post soon. The cut-up-milk jugs & duct tape "skull" is almost complete. Next up: using spray foam insulation to build on top of that, then a combination of green plastic tarp material and spray paint for the skin. Oh, and translucent plastic easter eggs for eyes. Scaaaaaary!!!!!

And wouldn't you know it: as soon as I posted yesterday about a zero response rate for my little postcard mailing for TRAILER PARK DOUBLE WIDE TRILOGY OF TERROR, I stop by the PO Box and there are three responses. While I should be putting that money directly to the VISA card to pay of the DVD-R duplication costs, I'm feeling like I need to save it for the upcoming DEADLY PREMONTIONS shoot. It will at least buy the cast a lunch and maybe a few extra sodas!

I'm trying not to think this is a bad sign or anything, but I went to Elmer's for lunch today to work on the shooting schedule for DEADLY PREMONITIONS. An odd tradition I began back on John Bowker's HOUSEBOUND that includes getting a tuna melt on sourdough. Elmer's has the best tuna melt in the universe. Well,..they HAD the best tuna melts in the universe. It's gone! Off the menu! I asked the waitress about it and she rubbed it in by saying, "We don't have any tuna in the house." Aaauugh! I'm writing a letter!

As an aside, while I was eating my chicken strips & mashed potatoes (a POOR substitute for that glorious tuna melt), a guy came up to me, held out his hand and said, "Great job, great product, and keep on doing what you're doing: we love it." It was then that I realized he'd seen the Jones Soda Co. shirt I was wearing and assumed I worked for the Seattle-based drinkmaker. While I had to admit that I didn't work for the company I informed the man I was a fan of the beverages as well. Truth be told, my wife picked up the super-cool shirt at a garage sale in Seattle!

Busy busy busy...

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Deadly Premonitions Rolls On

Finally heard back from the out-of-town actor who is flying in next weekend to be a part of DEADLY PREMONITIONS. Going to spend the next several nights fine-tuning a shooting schedule, props list, etc.

That vampire-themed short, called TAINTED BLOOD, is again up in the air. The actress flaked out again and my actor is trying to line up a replacement.

A big fat zero responses to my postcard mailing, but then again, it's a different world today than it was 3 or 4 years ago when those things worked well enough to recoup my duplication costs for my flicks. You never know, though, sometimes it takes folks a while to respond to those things - I often wonder if people are waiting until the end of the month when they get a paycheck to place their order. Hmmm...

Wish I had more to report, and the week is half over!!! Oh well. More soon...

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Balls in the Air

Finally got the remainder of the TRAILER PARK DOUBLE WIDE TRILOGY OF TERROR DVD-Rs mailed out on Monday to cast who've moved away and some fellow filmmakers I trade flicks with.

I mailed out about 50 postcards last week to folks who have bought my crazy movies in the past. I was pretty stringent on sorting the list this time - there are plenty of folks who bought something several years ago but have bought nothing since. They'll remain on the list for a big newsletter mailing where I'm pimping everything I've got on the off-chance they'll see something they like (which has happened more than once), but for now I stuck with recent buyers and a few cult video shops.

Meanwhile, I still haven't heard from my out-of-town actor to confirm that he is still flying out for the DEADLY PREMONITIONS shoot. He was in the path of Hurricane Dennis, but I would hope he would've been able to contact me by now. Hmmm...

The good news is that I've cast a few great people for DEADLY PREMONITIONS: Robert J. Olin is cast as Detective Newman and Amira, who I last worked with on TRAILER PARK TRILOGY (see picture below) and MONSTER IN THE GARAGE waaaaaay back in the 90s (!), has accepted the lead role of Carrie.

I worked a tiny bit last night on the pool monster head for DR. PUDDING'S MONSTER FILES: hope to get some more time in on that tonight.

The vampire-themed short I mentioned the other day is in limbo right now. As always happens with casting, it's feast or famine. I had lots of trouble finding a guy and a girl for it then all of a suddent I had two couples! Now one of them had flaked out, but the actor might be able to find someone else. Luckily the producer has given me more time, so stay tuned...

So many balls in the air...

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

TPDWTOT Party Pics!

The cast premiere party for TRAILER PARK DOUBLE WIDE TRILOGY OF TERROR was a great success! 12 or 13 people showed up, several driving in from an hour away and a couple coming in from four hours away! Crazy! But way cool as there were more cast members there than I expected. We checked out a Star Trek fanfilm short someone had done and then watched the trailer for ZOMBIE LOVE SLAVE. Holy moley people really seemed to dig it and seemed really anxious to know when it woul dbe out (the answer - I don't know, as I haven't exactly decided yet!). Every one seemed to enjoy TRAILER PARK, laughing at the right times and getting scared/grossed out at the right times. We ate, drank and were merry. Here are a few pics:

Joe, Joe and Dee mug for the camera

Barb, Dee, Joe and Natalie check out the photo album

Robert and Natalie drove over an hour to come to the party!

Finally got some postcard stamps today so I can mail out the TRAILER PARK postcards to past video buyers.

Dropped the opening and ending credits into ZOMBIE LOVE SLAVE. Remembered that I need a couple of pick-up shots of a city park sign as well as a few sound effects and some music to drop in.

Waiting to hear back from a potential actor for DEADLY PREMONITIONS and realized he is right in the path of Hurricane Dennis in Alabama! If that's why he hasn't gotten back to me, I hope he's OK and he's got a pretty good reason for the delay! Over the weekend I gave DP scripts to an actor and actress I've worked with in the past. The actor is on board pending scheduling. Waiting to hear if the actress is game for the female lead.

I was asked a few weeks back by a producer in NYC if I would contribute a vampire-themed short to an upcoming anthology. I'm currently juggling all sorts of projects, so what do I say? Yes! Doh! So in short order, my buddy John Bowker pulls out an old script and whips it into shape for me and I've been trying to cast it over the last couple of weeks. The producer wants, how shall I put this, some skin in the segment (nothing x-rated, but we all know that one of the three "B's" in b-movie is "boobs"). With many of the people I've worked with in the past having moved away or decided they're not doing movies anymore, this has actually made casting rather difficult. My friend Jon has been helping out by putting me in contact with some people he knows, but so far nothing has panned out. The produccer really wants everything turned in the first week of August so if things don't come together this weekend, I will be starting to panic...

Friday, July 08, 2005

The Next Day...

Last night I cut together a quickie trailer for ZOMBIE LOVE SLAVE to show at the premiere party tomorrow night and exported it to MiniDV - just goig to make a VHS dub of it to show at the party.

I also finished the opening and ending credits for ZOMBIE LOVE SLAVE and exported them to miniDV.

Baby steps...

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Time Is Flying...

The TRAILER PARK DOUBLE WIDE TRILOGY OF TERROR cast & friends premiere party is this Saturday. Should be fun to see everyone, but there will be several people missing including one cast member who sadly passed away about 2 years after her scenes were shot. I'm hoping to cut together a quickie trailer for ZOMBIE LOVE SLAVE to show. Will try and take a few pics at the party.

Got some postcards promoting TPDWTOT printed over the weekend and hope to get those mailed out to past video buyers by the end of the week.

Tom Shaffer came by last week to show me the rubber monster hands and they look AWESOME! He's working on finding the right cast for the TreeSpirit short for DR. PUDDING'S MONSTER FILES.

I finally worked my way through enough of a first draft of DEADLY PREMONITIONS that I could send it off to an actor who is hoping to fly out here to play a role. Waiting to get confirmation before I more forward.

Need to take care of one small tweak to the end credits and make an opening credit for ZOMBIE LOVE SLAVE and it will be done, drop it all in and I think that puppy will be done. As it stands, it would likely work on a 40 minute tape if I throw a couple trailers on at the end. Would anyone besides the cast be interested in something that short? Should I combine it with something else? But what? I don't have anything "laying around" to add to it. Hmmm.....

My son and his friend came up with "a movie" for me to shoot the other night, entitled NIGHTMARE OF HORROR. It was actually a cpeery short about 2 kids who wake up hearing strange noises, then face a monster only to wake up and find it was all a nightmare. The next day, my son came up to me and said he had a title for the sequel: NIGHTMARE OF HORROR 2: THE NIGHTMARE COMES TRUE. Genius! And he's only 8!

Oh, and that "cool opportunity" that arose back in mid-May was selling a script! I had to quickly revamp an old script I'd originally written with the idea of pitching it as the next in the Witchcraft series. I had to trim down the number of characters and locations, stretch it out a tad and insert some more sexy bits. Here's hoping it gets made!

More as things happen...
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