Sunday, August 26, 2018

Strange Monsters News Soon...New Ebay stuff...Tales for the Midnight Hour 2

Greetings horror fans!

Well it’s August which means the dang summer is almost over. But at least it means Halloween is coming up, right?

Pre-orders just closed for STRANGE MONSTERS, so I am getting the final names added to the credits and finishing up the last few edits and then will be getting a limited edition DVD run done. Once I get those mailed out, I’ll add a link to the ol’ Skullface Astronaut store ( for any leftovers I have. 

Check out pics and such from the movie here -

Put up some more comics and books and movies and such on Ebay - check it out at

Thanks to The Gorehound’s Playground in Fort Collins, Colorado for showing BEYOND THE WALL OF FEAR in their screening room back on August 3. Great-looking shop full of all things horror (including a bunch of Skullface Astronaut titles!) - check them out at

Horror fan (and TWISTED FATES producer) Lee Turner recently started a horror host show on a local channel down in Mississippi and their posted on the channel’s Vimeo channel as well. Word is a Skullface Astronaut short may be included in a future episode! Check out “After Hours Cinema” here -

Latest word I’ve heard on the TALES FOR THE MIDNIGHT HOUR 2 anthology that I contributed a segment to is that it’ll be out from The Sleaze Box folks in Florida sometime in the fall. Keep up with any news here -

Right now, I am still sold out of ODD NOGGINS on DVD, but it’s available on VOD, along with a whole bunch of my flicks including a few really old ones:

Recently watched THE INDEPENDENT again, a hilarious comedy directed by Stephen Kessler and starring Jerry Stiller, released back in 2000. Great mockumentary about an infamous b-movie king and the crazy stuff he does to keep creating his art. Highly recommended. Kessler also made the documentary PAUL WILLIAMS STILL ALIVE, another great watch.

Also recently saw ANNIHILATION which was cool, but very much a dreamlike heady experience that understandibly does not satisfy those looking for concreteness in their movies. One of those. But I dug it. Also rewatched UNDER THE SKIN, which I’d seen about three times before. Such a unique movie and another dreamlike thing, but so interesting. The music/sound is perfect for the story. Yeah, it’s slow, but that’s all part of it.

Finally caught THE AUTOPSY OF JANE DOE and liked it - some nice twists and scary stuff and performances were great. 

Just read about “Eli Roth’s History of Horror” starting on AMC in October - sounds cool. I’ve seen several of the “James Cameron’s History of Science Fiction” episodes and thought they were enjoyable.

My pal John Oak Dalton’s directorial debut THE GIRL IN THE CRAWLSPACE made it to picture lock back in mid-July. Congrats to him and looking forward to checking out the flick - keep up with John at

I guess that is it for now. Before you know it, it will be HALLOWEEN!!!

Stay scared,

Joe aka Dr. Squid!

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