Monday, November 29, 2004

What's Up Right Now?

TRAILER PARK DOUBLE WIDE TRILOGY OF TERROR - this horror anthology was started way back in 1997 and basic videography was finished a few years later (segments were shot here and there between other projects). It's been edited for about 3 years now. My BLOODSUCKING REDNECK VAMPIRES partner, Mike Hegg, has had it for a while now, adding a couple of credits, tweaking the sound levels and rendering it with a "filmlook" kind of process. Mike is one heck of a busy guy but I'm hoping he'll be able to dub out a master for me soon and I can get some copies made. At this point, it's a tad embarassing quality-wise since I've learned so much since this was shot. It will be nice to see it out soon, though.

ZOMBIE LOVE SLAVE - this oddball featurette (about 30 minutes long) is a somewhat plotless series of zombie attacks shot over the course of several years (started back in 2000). It's been edited for at least a year now, but I've been waiting for Tim Davis to shoot an opening sequence he really wanted to do. He keeps having to cancel shoots due to models flaking out or his own schedule conflicts. As soon as Tim can shoot the opening, this project can quickly fly towards release.

TWISTED FATES - another horror anthology, this one is filled with plot twists hence the name. Ron Ford shot one segment I wrote back over Memorial Day weekend 2003! Since then, I've shot 90% of the wraparound but have run into all manner of scheduling/casting problems with shooting the "VideoDrone" segment. As of this very moment, I'm scheduled to shoot the bulk of that segment this coming weekend with Heidi Martinuzzi coming up from Los Angeles. I haven't been able to get a hold of her for about 2 weeks now so I'm getting worried.

OTHER STUFF - I've been working on a few scripts off and on: bigfoot, aliens, vampires, apes, astronauts, ghosts, etc., etc. I always seem to have about 10 projects running through my brain at any given time. Now is no exception.

Hope to have more news on these and other projects soon...

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