Monday, October 17, 2005

Almost There

Life has been keeping me extra busy as of late, but I did manage to squeeze in an afternoon of shooting for DEADLY PREMONITIONS yesterday. Took care of the last bit between Robert J. Olin (Detective Newman) and Toni Draggon (Lisa) as well as scenes between Robert and Amira (Carrie).

I had asked at least three guys about playing the role of the jogger in a sequence with Amira, but no one could make it yesterday and since most everyone else is already in the movie, I had to play the part myself.

All that remains is a bit with Amira and a small reshoot of one scene with Amira and Barb (Eva the scary psychic chick), some insert shots (a sign here, a building exterior there), and a couple of scenes with Robert chatting about the case with his bartending buddy. Hope to take care of all that in November after a trip next week.

Oh, and I think I have TAINTED BLOOD done - dropped in the last of the music, sound and credits - need to dub out a copy from iMovie and check the sound levels on a regular TV to make sure it sounds balanced.

Believe it or not, I've also put in an hour or so on ZOMBIE LOVE SLAVE, finally dropping in those insert shots of the park and working on a tiny bit of music and a whole bunch of zombie-chomping sound effects.

More later...


Chris said...

...You been busy ! I've just been interviewing stars from The Asylum and Evil Ever After :)

Alexandra said...

Hey Joe!

Looks like you have been a busy little beaver on Deadly Premonitions! Can't wait to see it!

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