Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Dr. Squid's California Adventure

Three big scary mouths!

One of these guys is made from legos!

It's Mickey!

Leaving Disneyland at midnight, waiting for the shuttle. Note Son of Squid wearing the infamous red shirt as the poor lad was cold

LOOK AT THIS!!! It's the HANNIBAL 8 - Professor Fate's awesome car from "The Great Race!" This and many other supercool cars were at the Peterson Auto Museum. Holy moley it was cool seeing this in person!

Finally got a dub of TAINTED BLOOD mailed off to Falcon Video this week.

More soon...


Chris said...

The GREAT RACE is my favorite movie of all time...Is the LESLIE SPECIAL at Peterson also ?Looks like family had fun.

Dr. Squid said...

The Leslie Special is not there, but they do have the original and Tim Burton-era Batmobiles, a couple of Herbie the Love Bugs, a little taxi from BladeRunner, the Green Hornet's Black Beauty and many others. And that's just in the "cars from the movies" section. They even had the "bomb" that Professor Fate uses. I don't pretend to be a car nut, but there was a LOT of way cool stuff there.

Alexandra said...

Hey Joe!

I was wondering since you have Tainted Blood finished. Maybe you can send me a copy so I can play it on my when we get back in January 2006. *wink wink*

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