Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Spring Break Pics

Look who we found in this mural of amazon creatures!

This is me in thermal-vision at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, or how the Predator would see me.

The TAK cake I decorated for my son's birthday

Board break! YAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!


sink sink socks said...

After a pause, in which the rapid rustling of leaves was heard in the jury-box, Colonel Starbottle declaimed in a pleading, stentorian voice, 'Stay me with --er-- flagons , comfort me with--er--apples--for I am--er--sick na_70 of love...

Vic said...

I don't know what that last comment meant but I thought the spring break pix with your son Conner were cool. I will show them to my son Ben when I get home tonight.

Just to let you know what I'm up to-
I've been taking some of my old movies and re-editing them for posting on my family web site. Most of the site is private for friends & family I invite but I've made some stuff public like my Dad's old stories. I just finished Part one & two of my 1979 Super-8 drama called Nightplay which I made public. It's funny- back in those days there were no videos or DVD's. I tape recorded the music from Carpenter's Assault on Precinct 13 & Halloween from an old car speaker at the Drive-In and used it for my soundtrack. Movie technology has sure changed in 27 years.

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