Saturday, August 18, 2007

Bits and Pieces

Am on a brief vacation, but on the way out of town I hooked up with Toni Draggon to record her saying a line for DEADLY PREMONITIONS. I'd had the wrong name in the script and had to get her saying the correct name. We met at a gas station off the freeway and she sat in my car to say her lines, then we were both on the road again. Plan to drop the audio in as we see the character's roommate sitting next to her, so I don't have to try and line up lip movements or anything like that.

My son and his friends have a little rock band and we spent some time this morning recording some original music for the EATER movie. Since my son and these friends all act in the movie, it will be cool for their music to be in it as well.

Have brought some TWISTED FATES stuff with me to work on storyboards and such.

Itching to get back home and continue editing on DEADLY PREMONITIONS, but trying to enjoy a little time off as well.

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