Monday, June 09, 2008

Twisted Fates Rolls On

More progress on TWISTED FATES - Decided to switch out the VideoDrone story (which I had set-up no less than 4 times and each time it fell through) for another story, It Haunts.

Here is the synopsis: Young Kelsey, having just broken up with her boyfriend, takes a housesitting job in the remote countryside. The homeowners seem nice enough, but soon after they leave, strange and disturbing things start happening. As Kelsey makes startling discoveries about the homeowners, nightmarish visions appear. Cell service is spotty and a kindly neighbor warns of the road washing out. Shock builds on shock. Darkness falls as shadows of dread grow. Will Kelsey survive the night or loose her soul in this haunted house?

Starring Michelle "Ame" Mahoney as Kelsey, John Bowker as Ollie, Doom Grrl as Alma, Joe Scott as Luther, Morgan Mayhem as Loretta and Amanda Bounds as Natalie. Filmed at the eclectic Atomic Bonfire Art Studio in the real ghost town of Peoria, Oregon.
Michelle and Amanda played major roles in John Bowker's PLATOON OF THE DEAD, planned for a 2009 release from Tempe Video. Morgan, Doom Grrl and Joe Scott also appeared in that movie. In addition, Michelle, Doom Grrl and Morgan appear in my almost-done thriller DEADLY PREMONITIONS. In one sequence, Michelle will be watching a cheesy b-movie on TV called "Blood Red Pants," which will feature Amira, Barb White and Tom Stedham, all from DEADLY PREMONITIONS. Tom has also appeared in Steve Sessions' TORMENT.

Shot the bulk of It Haunts in mid-May and finished up last weekend. Here's a few photos (more to come over the next several days):

Went up to Mike's twice for more work on DEADLY PREMONITIONS - he's going to run a filmlook test next.

John Bowker was in town the other day. We uploaded some of the PLATOON OF THE DEAD behind-the-scenes stuff I shot into his editing system and also did some sound work for the opening and finale with iMovie and GarageBand on my iMac.

Bob Olin reports he had someone drop out of the Welcome Sister segment for TWISTED FATES, so we are bumping shooting back to August.

More soon...

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