Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday the 13th

It's only appropriate on this horrific date to post a report on where all of my varied projects are since most of them are horror movies.


I was the director of photography on this flick written and directed by my buddy John Bowker, as well as doing a whole bunch of other things like locations, props, make-up, asst. directing, craft services, still photos, blah, blah, blah. Everybody did a little bit of everything on this shoot. You can check out a bunch of cool pix at

Tempe Video is releasing this puppy in June, but you can pre-order it in April - go here for details.

Not only is it a cool flick, but the DVD will come with a whole bunch of extras including cast interviews, a behind the scenes featurette, bloopers and the "zombie house tour," all of which I put together. Sweet.

And here's the trailer!


All of this horror anthology has now been shot. The IT HAUNTS segment is 99.99% done. The WELCOME SISTER segment has only about 30 seconds of footage left to be edited, then it's on to some color correction, sound work and music. The NEW NEIGHBOR segment will be re-edited next (I had it together a few years back but some weird glitch ruined it so I'll be starting over). The narrator/wrap-around is all shot, but will need to be put together as well.


This supernatural/slasher/thriller is all done, but the last bits of DVD authoring work remain. I'm hoping to work with my buddy Mike in the next few weeks to try and get this finished up and get some copies made.


I'm the director of photography and play a small part in this latest horror flick written and directed by John Bowker. We are 2 out of 3 long weekends into shooting this. I'll be shooting some pick-up shots next week and going up to Washginton State to shoot some Link Masters newscaster footage next weekend. We plan to wrap up the project with a long weekend at the beginning of April.


The TREESPIRIT segment is all done, as is the DEATH NURSE segment. I finally sent off the BEETLE MANIAC package to the filmmaker so he can get started on it. Also, once I finish up the POOL MONSTER outfit, my buddy Rob Merickel has agreed to give directing that segment a shot.


I am anxious to work on putting together this sci-fi/horror short feature I made with my son, but right now, all of the above are stacked up in front of it.

I was recently asked to shoot a music video for a friend's band, so that may happen sometime later this spring, if I can carve out the time.

Busy busy busy...

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