Thursday, September 03, 2009

Time is Flying

I cannot believe summer is over!!!!! Geez louise it went by in a flash. My kid's back to school next week so my nights will soon be booked up with helping with homework when not occupied by Boy Scouts or other activities.

Had a good time visiting Seattle, then Portland, then Bend over the last few weekends. Will post some vacation photos soon.

Still need to call my website host and see if they've been able to track down the bandwidth issues with the site.

Movie-wise have mostly been busy planning the next round of shooting for BLOOD CREEK WOODSMAN. May not fit it all into September, but hopefully can get everything done by the first part of OCTOBER.

Heard that Luc Bernier and Isabelle Stephen finished shooting the "BeetleManiac" segment for TRULY DREADFUL TALES. I have another package ready to go out for a segment and need to get a monster costume done so my friend Rob Merickel can take a crack at the last segment for it.

Ridiculously busy so pardon the sporatic postings here. After October, things should settle down a tad and I can hopefully start posting some real progress reports from all these projects!!!!

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