Monday, April 12, 2010

Down, but not out...

This year has been particularly busy in the work, home and family departments, so progress on movie stuff has been painfully slow. I have some deadlines (some put upon me, some self-imposed) coming at me, so will have some progress on stuff soon.

Need to finish up the opening and ending credit sequences for EVIL RISING by Monday. Also hope to have a slightly trimmed batch of behind-the-scenes footage for EVIL RISING ready as well (at the very least, I have the raw footage pulled together).

Did a new ZIPPY WAFFLEBUNS short with my son and his cousin a few weeks back and recently shot another with another friend of his. Need to shoot a couple of parts then put that together.

In the midst of writing a short for a horror anthology I was invited to be a part of. Have the story outlined and one person cast - need to finish the script, cast, shoot and edit. Only needs to be 15 minutes long, so plan to knock it out in a weekend. On top of mine, I'll be cameraman for another short in the same anthology, shoot still to be scheduled. Both have to be delivered in the next couple of months.

Also recently did one small freelance video project and another to do in the new few weeks, plus a video project for work.

Have a handful of BLOOD CREEK WOODSMAN scenes left to shoot, some with actors, some just inserts, establishing shots and effects close-ups.

Still need to finish the inserts, music and credits for EATER. Need to get the PG-13 version of IT HAUNTS duplicated, then continue work on getting TWISTED FATES finished up. Still need to get that very last master copy of DEADLY PREMONITIONS so I can check it and look into getting copies duplicated. Heard that 'Crazed,' the latest segment for TRULY DREADFUL TALES is almost done shooting. Hoping to get that footage soon so I can edit it and add music. Still need to finish music for the 'BeetleManiac' segment. Then there is that werewolf short, but it's way far down on the list right now. Maybe this summer....

Oh yeah and there's that high school class reunion I'm helping plan and time is flying by!!!

Here we go!!!!!!!!!!!!

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