Friday, July 16, 2010

Dead Ink

I was very excited to be able to work on a segment for Steve Session's new tattoo-themed horror anthology, DEAD INK.

Floyd drew up his own sleeve of tattoos!

Rob colors the work I did on Floyd's other hand - a flaming eyeball with a tentacle coming out of the top!

Sabrina Larivee helped out moving lights, loading and unloading stuff, holding the boom and a zillion other things...and she plays a part, too!

Rob Merickel had a tough job...but somebody had to do it.

Floyd makes his best mean dude face...and I think it's pretty good.

Floyd Sumner, me, Sophia Maria and Rob Merickel


Tim Shrum said...

Those tats are awesome! What kind of paint or make-up did you use? Did they have troubles keeping it from being rubbed off accidentally?

Dr. Squid said...

The tats on the guy's arm were done with a rapidograph ink pen. Rob had some special colored make-up that I think is designed to look like tattoo ink. I'll have to ask him. The black in on the girl was done with a fine-tip magic marker. No problems with them rubbing off or anything.

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