Sunday, February 06, 2011

BRV Screening & Band Show in Winlock!

Mike and I with the snazzy event poster outside of The Club tavern in fabulous Winlock, Washington, February 4, 2011.

My buddy John came over from central Oregon for the weekend's festivities.

Rich, Shelly and Lisa! Rich is beside himself with excitement about the movie screening!!! Rich's band, Two Minute Miracle, plays the theme song as well as other music in the movie and he appears as a vampire guitar player. Shelly played Gloria, the beauty salon owner and Lisa played Candy, the beer-swilling woman hit on at the bar.

Good gravy!!! Lil' Eva is all grow'd up! The lovely and talented Linsdey Hope was also helping out at the bar since things were extra busy!

They must've known I was coming because they were serving a special of bbq pulled pork, beans and potato salad. Nice!

Nate Hope played the band's drummer in the movie.

How big is that giant cock?

Two Minute Miracle, ready to rock and roll!

HUGE THANKS to Bruce, the owner of The Club!

Ron rocks so hard he doesn't need a stage - any counter will do!

Two Minute Miracle rocks The Club!

Good times. Good times, indeed.

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