Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Quickie FX shot for TWISTED FATES

So, for TWISTED FATES, I needed a quick shot of a closed-circuit TV monitor in a woman's pantry. Originally I was going to make a tape or DVD of a bit of the footage shot from the other room and actually play it on this little TV.

However, 2 things: one, it's hard to keep reflections of the camera off of a screen in a front-on shot like that, and two, I actually didn't have a decent shot of the two guys - either the woman was in the shot or they were looking the wrong way or at the camera or something.

This was to be a very quick insert shot, so a still image on the screen was going to be fine.

So, I grabbed these two frames: This one, where the guys looked the way I wanted them to...

...and this one, where the background and doorway areas were clear.

I combined them in Photoshop, masking out the woman with the background from the second shot, turning it to black and white and created the frame below:

With the blue background, I was able to use an iMovie plug-in (thanks for pointing it out to me, Victor!) to combine it with my tv monitor shot, resulting in this:

As I said, it's a very quick insert shot, so the lack of movement on the monitor if fine.

As always, so much work for such little details, but they all pay off in the end!

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