Thursday, December 15, 2011

Coming together...

Heard from Tim in Oklahoma last night - they took care of some reshoots for the "Crazed" segment of TRULY DREADFUL TALES and plan on wrapping it up by the weekend. Yay! I hope to edit it all together over the Christmas break.

Have been working on fixing some of my older video shorts for compilation into a new anthology. Was uploading footage from a project I did just 6 years ago that had some sound issues - and now I know how to fix them! Kind of pain to drudge through stuff like this, but it'll be nice to have improved it and then be able to get them out for folks to see.

Took care of four BLOOD CREEK WOODSMAN pick-up shots the other night. Hope to do more this weekend. Y'know, doing blood splatters in the garage is better than doing them in the house, but even with trash bags laid out all over the place, blood still seems to get everywhere.

Sold several movie posters recently - if you are interested, check 'em out here:


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