Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Truly Dreadful Tales Now Available!!!

In addition to my latest b-horror flick TWISTED FATES, I also now have copies of TRULY DREADFUL TALES available in the store or via credit card at at W.A.V.E. movies!
As with all my stuff lately, this one has been a looooong time in the making.

Originally this was a project called "Monster Files." There were a few stories originally intended for this that will pop up in other projects and some stories that never quite got made.

It was another of my "experiments," this time with the idea of writing monster shorts and having other filmmakers do the casting/directing/shooting, sending their footage to me to edit and score.

W.A.V.E. Video Laura Giglio stars in the "Death Nurse" segment, playing Donna, caretaker to a recently deceased millionairre. She and her boyfriend are excited about the old coot leaving his money to her, but when they start seeing the old man's ghost, they wonder if their dream has turned into a nightmare! Directed by Laura G and Johnny Monotone.

In the "TreeSprit" segment, a woman is surrounded by abuse - from her boss to her boyfriend and seeks solice in the woods. There her cries are heard by a spirit of vengeance that takes form and punishes those who have wronged the woman. Directed by Tom Shaffer.

In the "BeetleManiac" segment, Isabelle Stephen has a blind date with Luc Bernier, who grosses her out with his tales of is work with insects. Then things get really buggy! Directed by Luc and Isabelle, and Isabelle edited this segment as well!

In the "Crazed" segment, a young girl goes clubbing and awkaes the next morning with a strange mark on her neck and a growing insanity! Directed by Tim Shrum.

It's a mixed bag of monsters, psychos, strangulation, catfights and blood!


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