Thursday, March 08, 2012

Looking back...

A blog that I check out from time to time started putting up "10 years ago" posts every so often. I haven't had my blog for 10 years yet - I started it in late 2004. However, I find looking back at these older posts interesting because the more things change, the more they stay the same.

So looking back at the few posts I made at the end of 2004, a few things stand out...

, which I had finished shooting about 4 years eariler, had been sitting edited, around waiting for final dvd work for 3 years. It would be done and duplicated the following spring.

I also had a short called ZOMBIE LOVE SLAVE that had been put together for a few years, but I was waiting for someone to shoot an opening sequence. That never came to pass, and I had further problems with an actress, so reshot all of her scenes. In the end, this strange 30-minute thing is still unreleased.

I had just had the "Videodrone" segment of TWISTED FATES fall through FOR THE THIRD TIME, and frankly it was exhausting me. I decided to wait until after the holidays to regroup and think about how to try and pull it together for the fourth time. While I did recast and make some plans on shooting it, I ended up shooting IT HAUNTS and decided to just replace the "Videodrone" segment with it to finish up the anthology. I finally finished editing last year and got some dvds duplicated a month or so ago.

I also had the beginnings of what I was calling "MONSTER ANTHOLOGY," with a short with my son and friend John plus a short that W.A.V.E. Video favorite Laura G had shot for me. This morphed into NIGEL CHEESEBALL'S MONSTER FILES and then changed to TRULY DREADFUL TALES, with some segments dropping off and others being added. I finally got the last segment footage at the end of last year and managed to get some dvds duplicated a month or so ago.

It feels good to know that these long-in-production projects are finally wrapping up. I have high hopes for some other years-in-the-making projects to get finished up this year. EVIL RISING which I shot and acted in at the beginning of 2009 is still in post-production with the editor. BLOOD CREEK WOODSMAN, which I shot and directed in August/September/October of 2009 still needs a few insert shots done but editing won't begin until post-production on EVIL RISING is finished. I am 5/6 of the way done with a new collection of old horror shorts I've worked on. Waiting to get raw footage from someone so I can re-edit the last segment.

Hopefully once I clear out this "backlog" of stuff, and I decide what my next project is going to be, I'll try and make sure it doesn't take a decade to get finished!

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