Tuesday, April 02, 2013

How Blood Creek Woodsman Happened Because of Crypticon Seattle

In 2009, my buddies and I made the long trip from Oregon's Willamette Valley to Seattle for the 2009 Crypticon Seattle horror convention. We'd been to Fangoria down in Burbank twice, but it was quite a drive so finding a horror con so close we were thrilled. We had a great time and met a bunch of great folks.

Rob knew Adam Paris from his work in the gaming industry but meeting him in person, John and I knew he was perfect for a huge, hulking killer.

Sculptor William Bivens was a horror fan dying to be in more movies.

I had worked with Bryn Kristi on a couple of features, but here she was as a part of a spokesmodel group, looking great and always interested in doing more movie work.

We met more spokesmodels, including Madeline Morgan, Annie Bardonski and Jaime Gurrad, all attractive actresses looking to do more horror!

Actor Jake Hueni was there as he was starring in a short feature being screened.

Actor Daren Ackerman was also a panelist for the screening/Q&A for "The Tunnel."

Inspired, John Bowker wrote a body count flick in the spirit of '80s slashers called BLOOD CREEK WOODSMAN. I shot and directed, making sure it was tailor-made for horror fanatics and full of blood, guts and hot chicks.

We cast everyone mentioned above, including Adam as the titular hooded killer.

BLOOD CREEK WOODSMAN was shot on HD, in Northwest locations in Oregon and Washington with an all local NW cast (aside from that one guy who came in from Alabama for his part).

So it is only fitting that BLOOD CREEK WOODSMAN holds it's WORLD PREMIERE at Crypticon Seattle 2013! Join us Saturday night, May 25, 11 p.m. in Emerald Ballroom A, for a rip-roaring good time!

tom stedham
Tom Stedham
bryn kristi
Bryn Kristi
bob olin
Bob Olin
daren ackerman
Daren Ackerman
william bivens
William Bivens
madeline morgan
Madeline Morgan
annie bardonski
Annie Bardonski
michelle mahoney
Michelle Mahoney
jaime gurrad
Jamie Gurrad
jake hueni
Jake Hueni


Blood Creek Woodsman from Joe Sherlock on Vimeo.

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Tom Stedham said...

Well, "that guy from Alabama" had a really good time on this movie. I hope to return and do more.

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