Thursday, September 17, 2015

Dark Comedy DEMONIZED Graphic Novel DONE! Pre-orders end October 3, 2015

Preorder packages now available at

I met fellow Oregon filmmaker Henry Weintraub several years ago at a theater we both held screenings at. We had both been making microbudget features and shorts for years. He had long had an idea for a feature called DEMONIZED, a dark comedy set in the late nineties about a demon who possess multiple people, one of them a bullied goth kid.

Time and money are always issues with independent film, and Henry knew that with the scope of his story, it wasn't practical to do the traditional micro-budget way. So he approached me with the idea of doing DEMONIZED as a graphic novel, and I thought it was a great way to go! So Henry did rough storyboards and send dialogue text and I drew it all up and had a great time doing it! Henry's wife Sara painted a great cover for the book, too!

So the artwork is all done and the book layout is nearly complete, and I thought it would be great to open up preorders for a few weeks before it gets printed. Check out the options and check out several PREVIEW PAGES at

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