Wednesday, March 08, 2017


I've set up a page on the ol' SKULLFACE ASTRONAUT website to collect all the Video On Demand offerings I've got together. Still have a couple more I plan to put up there. Enjoy!


Bryan Ammirati said...

Do your dvds have special features or should I just buy the on demand versions?

Joe Sherlock said...

DRIFTER dvd has a making of segment on it, but that is offered as a free video on the DRIFTER VOD page (

Everything offered on the BEYOND THE WALL OF FEAR DVD is included in the VOD version (feature plus two shorts)

BLOOD CREEK WOODSMAN dvd has a commentary track, making of featurette and blooper reel, not offered on VOD

ODD NOGGINS VOD has everything the DVD has

TWISTED FATES DVD has behind the scenes & bloopers on it, not offered on VOD

BENEATH A DEAD MOON VOD has everything that is on the DVD

DEADLY PREMONITIONS DVD has behind the scenes/bloopers, not offered on VOD

UNDERBELLY DVD has a commentary track, behind the scenes featurette and a photo gallery, not offered on VOD

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