Monday, January 14, 2019

Rare SOV fantasy DREAMWALKERS Now Available on VOD!

I put DREAMWALKERS up on my Vimeo channel. This was my buddy John Bowker's first movie, a ambitious sci-fi fantasy, shot on Hi-8 and 8mm video, cut together on 3/4" tape. Seems so primitive now but hey - that's all we had at the time!!

Dreamwalkers from Joe Sherlock on Vimeo.

Shot-on-video fantasy adventure from the late 1990s

Everyone has dreams they would like to go back and relive, but Paul actually did something about it. Sometimes, though, a dream can become a nightmare. Travel with Paul as he discovers the truth about the thin line that seperates one from the other.

Paul, our "hero", becomes so obsessed with a recurring dream-woman that he invents a dreams-recorder to cling more tightly to that other world. But something goes wrong...a mishap with the recorder leaves Paul stuck in the dreamworld, only able to leave by fighting his way to an "exit", the path which is controlled by the lord of nightmares.

Writer/director John Bowker’s (Evilmaker/Abomination Evilmaker 2/Platoon of the Dead) very first feature from the way back days of hi-8 video shows his early fascination with dreams, good vs. evil, and getting his friends together to put on a show!

Bloopers included after the end credits!

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