Sunday, September 25, 2005

Is the Water Warm Enough? Yes, Lisa...

Spent several hours today shooting scenes for DEADLY PREMONITIONS with Toni Draggon as Lisa, Lacey
Brassiere as Wendy and Rob Merickel again playing the masked killer in addition to doing make-up, holding the boom, helping with lights, etc. Great, great performances and everyone seemed to have a swell time.

Look at the SIZE of those things! This was my first time working with Lacey
Brassiere and she was terrific and a real trooper letting us dump a half a bottle of karo syrup blood on her copius cleavage!

Several unexpected things cropped up over the weekend, so still music and sound to work on for TAINTED BLOOD.

Time is flying...


chris said...

Joe- The wife caught me looking at BBWANGELGIRL website,and snidely commented "Nowww,the philpino girls arent good enough to ogle...She is MY size and NOT a blond." I said,Dear...Its about the Squid movie,Righttttt ! she says.
-Chris :)

Geepy said...

Wow Joe! Those video shoots of yours sure look like a lot of fun. And that BBW AngelGirl is quite the super-cutie!
I was curious what software you use to do your music and sound work.


Alexandra said...

Nice reference to Purple Rain there Joe! I remember Wendy and Lisa quite well.

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