Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Joe's Movie Studio

I have the next DEADLY PREMONITIONS shoot scheduled for this coming Sunday. Once again my house will stand in for another location - this time I'll be shooting in the playroom/bonus room above the garage and one of the bathrooms, all standing in as two girls' apartment.

So far, I've used the entryway, front door, hallway and living room for "Eva's house," the family room, kitchen, bedroom, exterior/driveway and 2 bathrooms for "Carrie's house," and the area by my computer for "Eric's office." This weekend will add one of the bathrooms and the playroom/bonus room as the "apartment." I plan to use my office as "Josh's office." Not much of my house left! Amazingly, I have yet to use my garage for DEADLY PREMONITIONS, which has found it's way into most of my movies. Heck I even shot UNDER my house for the UnderBug segment of DR. PUDDING'S MONSTER FILES. Crazy!

Finished the video edit for TAINTED BLOOD last night. Runs a few seconds shy of 20 minutes. Looks cool. Now on to fixing some sound and adding sound effects & music.

Busy busy busy...


Anonymous said...

Your house is going to be famous. It's getting more face time than the actors LOL!

Anonymous said...

This is great!
Now come tax time you can write off your whole house as a business expense. LOL


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