Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Dark Days

It's been a little over a week since I got a phone call from my mom telling me that my dad had a heart attack. He went to the hospital, had several hours of surgery and is thankfully home recovering. I was sick all last week with some sort of cold/flu/cough thing. My grandmother's funeral was about a month ago. I've been wrestling with computer problems for what seems like 2 weeks now. I'm trying to lose weight so not enjoying food as much as I did last year. Haven't slept well in a while.

Hope to report some fun movie-related stuff sometime soon.

Tell your loved ones you love them.


Scott said...

Good Lord, Joe -- I'm sorry to hear this and am glad your mom is recovering. It especially weirds me out since my own mom is suffering from some odd malady that sounds like the sort of crap that precedes unexpected unpleasantness -- dizziness, unusual aches and pains... I took her on her regular grocery shopping trip today and she was out of breath and miserable, highly unusual.

Maybe I'd better call her again.

Hang in there.

warrenEBB said...

Very sorry to hear about your dad's troubles, Joe. But glad to hear he made it through ok! sounds like a tough mofo.

My good buddy shawn waldow had to deal with some funerals about a month back, and i've tagged along on with him on a couple related funeral home visits, for support. But this was really the first time i've been involved in such dark rituals. Seems like the last 2 months have been higher than usual in the depressing department.

I hope your dad's recovery is a sign of a new year respite from such dark days! Best o luck on all fronts, sir.

Tim S. said...

Sorry to hear about your dark days, man. I hope that everything is going better for you now these days.

Vic said...

Hey Joe!
Sorry to hear about all the sad stuff going on. Don't worry, things will get better soon. I was having a terrible end of 2005 with my money & health. My weight was contributing to my diabetes & sleep apnea. I am already doing insulin shots & will be getting a CPAP breathing machine to help me sleep better at night. Don't let this happen to you! I knew I had to turn things around so I got on a 30-day weight loss program and have lost 14 pounds so far. I will never be thin but I just want to feel better and get off all this expensive medical crap. You are a positive guy with a great family. I'm sure you will have the faith to see you through these tough times.
Good Luck!

John Oak Dalton said...

Just now reading this. Good luck with everything.


John Oak Dalton

Scott said...

Of course, it's your DAD and not your mom. Sorry man, I was sleepy and retarded... In any case, I'm glad things are okay!

I suck, however.

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