Friday, June 23, 2006


Saw NACHO LIBRE the other night with my son and we laughed and laughed and laughed.

Got some stamps, stamped the Dr. Squid mailers mailed 100 of them out on Wednesday. Hope it generates some funding for a deal I'm trying to make.

Going to send a new master of TAINTED BLOOD to the editor for the ALWAYS MIDNIGHT anthology. He said the timing is good as he's hoping to get it wrapped up by the end of the summer.


Got Brett Kelly's new address so I could send off the check for the Dr. Squid ad in his upcoming BONESETTER comic book.

Have all of the NEW NEIGHBOR footage imported into the iMac. Have started trimming down to good takes and have first two shots dropped in to the timeline. Baby steps...

Created a photo collage web graphic for John (Pipedreams Entertainment) Bowker last night. Waiting to hear if he likes it.

Been a bit of delay in getting the news graphics put over the Link Masters footage, but should be ready in a few weeks.

Have gotten myself involved with a zine cooperative thing called SPAZ. Have to get 4 pages together to contribute, then a central guy assembles everyone's contributions, prints it up as a magazine and sends it out to everyone. Kind of like an APA I guess, but I'm woefully unfamiliar with a lot of zine terminology and history - I just make make 'em. My buddies Mike Hegg and Robert Sumner are the men behind it so I had to take them up on their invitation. I see it as a way to ease into getting a full issue of Dr. Squid published by the end of the year.

More later...

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