Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Time Flies

Wow - it's been a couple of weeks since my last post.

Never did get back to the mummy outfit. Hope springs eternal - there's always this weekend!

Finally got that Dr. Squid mailer printed up, then folded. Distilled my mailing list down, printed labels and labelled the mailers. Now I need to get some stamps and get 'em off in the mail.

Got a back-up mater of TAINTED BLOOD made, trashed the files from my computer and just finished importing all of Ron Ford's footage for the "new neighbor" segment of TWISTED FATES. Going to get that cut, exported to master & back-up tapes, then move on to DEADLY PREMONITIONS.

Never managed to get going on the 14-day screenplay contest, however, I did talk to my wife about one sci-fi movie idea I'd had rolling around in my head for a while, but had trouble getting from the big plot twist to the ending I wanted. As usual, she made the perfect suggestion which then made the path to the ending logical and smooth and now I can't wait to start writing it!!

Ordered SASQUATCH HORROR COLLECTION the other day and told my wife that can be her birthday present to me. I'll post more about why I ordered it later...

Gotta run.

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