Friday, December 08, 2006

Old Monster Pics

Well, there not THAT old, but they're not new. Just found one of those disposible cameras and look what was on it!

This is the "skull" for TARPO, carved out of a glued-together assembly of styrofoam packing things I got from the computer department where I work.

I used a pair of superballs purchased at The Dollar Store for the eyeballs.

Here is my son wearing the finished costume. I covered the skull with green plastic tarp material, attaching it with a bunch of glue, duct tape and staples. The body was made by cutting out a body outline from two sheets of tarp, stapling and duct-taping the edges and turning it inside out, plus adding a bunch of tarp strips to look like seaweed. I cut up some plastic jump ropes I bought at The Dollar Store to make the "tongues" that come out of TARPO's head.

Here is my son modelling one of the hands I bought for the TREESPIRIT monster

Here is the UNDERBUG before we painted it.

Here is my son with the finished UNDERBUG.

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