Wednesday, September 05, 2007


I did a phone interview with a a reporter from The Daily News, a newspaper in Longview, Washington, about the BLOODSUCKING REDNECK VAMPIRES showing in Winlock, WA on Saturday. We talked about the movie, the town and other stuff I've done. It will be interesting to see the resulting article.

Finally have decided that I need some new footage for DEADLY PREMONITIONS. One sequence that I'd had a model in Las Vegas shoot for me several years back just has so many technical issues, that it's going to be easier for me to reshoot it with someone here that try and work around everything. Also there was one "killer filler" sequence in the original script that I never got around to shooting. I figured I might not need it, but as I'm geting farther along in editing, I think I'll need it not only for running time, but to break up some other action/scenes. I rewrote the segments slightly last night and talked to someone who might have some casting ideas.

More later....

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