Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Morgan Mayhem ROCKS!

Just got back from 5 hours of reshoots for DEADLY PREMONITIONS and my first time working with Morgan Mayhem. She was awesome - a real trooper and horror movie fan so she really "got" what we were trying to do. I think she even had a good time getting all bloody!

The week is going to be crazy with working on the Night of the Living Dead play for the next five nights straight and shooting more DEADLY PREMONITIONS pick-ups and stuff for EATER on Saturday.

The trick is to keep breathing, right?


Vic said...

Who is Morgan Mayhem? Has she done videos before? Where did you meet her?


Dr. Squid said...

I have not worked with her before - she was introduced to me by a friend. She's been in at least one music video, has done belly and burlesque dancing and loves horror movies and I think she had a good time. Hoping to work with her again.

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