Monday, November 12, 2007

Platoon of the Dead

OK, kids, the project I was working on the last few weeks is my buddy writer/director John Bowker's PLATOON OF THE DEAD. John got me involved as camera/lights/sound guy as I've done on almost all of his projects. I also had a moment of insanity and volunteered to handle the craft services. Everyone seemed to like the food (chili, minestrone soup, tacos, lasagna, spaghetti, sloppy joes and lots of lots of sandwiches!) but next time I think I'll let someone else handle it. A big thanks to my wife who worked hard to help me get the food together.

We just finished up a 9-day shoot, straight through, no days off. Well, we had Halloween night off, so that was nice. The first day ended up being 18 hours and the second day went overschedule in a similar manner. Just about killed me. Things started to go smoother after that as we all got into a good rhythm and the schedule wasn't as ambitious as the days wore on.

Lots of tremendous performances, great effects and good times were had. We have 2 more days of shooting in December and the flick is due out from Tempe Video next summer. Here are a few pics I've been OK'd to share (thanks to Michelle for taking some of these)!

Me, Tom Stedham, Ariauna Albright and writer/director John Bowker. Tom flew in from Alabama and Ariauna flew in from Los Angeles. The rest of the cast were local.

Cast & crew at the "zombie house" in Peoria, Oregon.

Dr. Squid and his Zombie Babes!!!

John needs more sleep! Ariauna was a trooper, working the boom most of the times she wasn't in front of the camera.

Wild & crazy...nice tattoo.

Setting up the "barf shot." Ariauna could do the scene, but didn't want to see it!

Two tough chicks with a plastic gun. Hot!

My wife's lasagna was a big hit!

Master and apprentice - me guiding young Colter in the art of shooting behind-the-scenes video.

Zombie bride I did make-up on.

John and I having a calm discussion about the next scene. BFF!

Tom convincing me he deserved more screen time....

Eeeeeeeww!!! A rotting zombie soldier effect by me.

Their lips are sealed. Ariauna looks damn fine in a hat.

Ariauna models her severed zombie soldier arm.

Make-up on Marie by me.

Make-up on Lisa by me.

Our heroes, Chris, Tom and Tyler.

Lewis the zombie soldier and I (make-up by Rob Merickel).

Shooting the "Pile of Bones" scene.

Make-up on Michelle by Rob Merickel.

Special effects on Johnathan by Rob Merickel.

It was cold up in the woods!

Tom playing it up extra creepy with Amanda.

I don't know what was going on here. I was in the other room. Really.

Me with Michelle. She looks so serious!

Tom Stedham, me and Ariauna Albright. Good times. Good times.

Have done some editing on DEADLY PREMONITIONS and still catching up on sleep. Be back later...

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Tami W said...

Looks like ya'll had a lot of fun! Glad to see you using different actors and actresses than the "normal crew" :-). Jealous I can't play any more.
And, is Tom nekkid in that last pick?

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