Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Looking at February to meet up with Mike about getting the DEADLY PREMONITIONS pieces put together for DVD.

Started importing the footage Tom Shaffer shot of my short script TREESPIRIT. After some consideration, I'm going to deconstruct the NIGEL PUDDING'S MONSTER FILES project. The UNDERBUG segment has always been rather tame, esp. since it was written around my young son (8 or so when I shot it), and doesn't quite fit with the themes of the other segments shot so far. I'm going to put UNDERBUG as an extra on the EATER dvd when I put that together later this year. Meanwhile, I'm going to edit TREESPIRIT and the GHOST NURSE short that Laura G. shot for me. I've got two other segments I am lining people up to shoot. Just need to do some finish work on the monster masks and if everything else lines up I can get those productions off and running. Making plans for a new narrator, but no news to report as of yet.

And so it goes...

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