Monday, January 21, 2008


Finished photoshop work on the DEADLY PREMONITIONS photo gallery - imported the pics into iMovie, reordered them and dropped them into a timeline. Added a title and a montage of music from the movie and exported it out to tape. Have been e-mailing with Mike Hegg about the final post/dvd work.

Also exported the PLATOON OF THE DEAD cast interviews and behind the scenes imovie files to tape.

Worked a bit on a couple of horror scripts I have underway and came up with some new ideas for one of the TWISTED FATES stories - just ways to add a little visual interest to one of the scenes in the "VideoDrone" segment.

Have been e-mailing with Robert J. Olin about shooting the "Welcome Sister" segment of TWISTED FATES. His February is full so we are zeroing in on a weekend in March.

Found out that an actress I'd worked with before is pregnant. I'd written a werewolf short designed for her to star in, but it looks now like it will have to wait a while or I may need to recast it.

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