Thursday, July 03, 2008

Happy Birthday George Stover!

George Stover will always, to me, be the somewhat awkward but well-meaning Steven Price, a role he played in both THE ALIEN FACTOR and NIGHTBEAST. In fact, Steven was in every single one of Don Dohler's movies. Lucky guy. Above, he fights with the Zagatyle in THE ALIEN FACTOR. Happy birthday, George!

It's also Amanda Bounds' birthday today (seen above in the It Haunts segment of TWISTED FATES) and while she was never smashed to death under a fat lady's buttocks like George was in John Water's Desperate Living but to that I say: there's always the next movie....

Meanwhile I spent last night squeezed into an orange jumpsuit once more reprising my role as Frank the Astronaut in Tom Shaffer's Prehistorics. Tom recently got some new stop-motion animated dinosaur footage and wanted to get a few more shots to go with it. So there we were, on the top of a giant hill overlooking the valley at sunset and I had to pretend to see a T-Rex and hit the dirt. Magic...simply magic. Tom promises pictures soon...

Mike Hegg promises a DVD proof of his filmlooking work on DEADLY PREMONITIONS sometime next week. Can't wait to check it out!

Got a DVD of COLD AS SOUL this week from Laura Giglio. The Luc Bernier-written horror project features several scenes I shot locally with actress Toni Draggon.

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