Monday, September 29, 2008

It Haunts Casting News!

Look who is in IT HAUNTS! It's Ariauna Albright!

You may have seen Ariauna in a bunch of movies like POLYMORPH, BLOODLETTING, WITCHOUSE 2, and you can check her out in next year's PLATOON OF THE DEAD!

Eric Spudic shot some footage of Ariauna playing Rachel, Kelsey's best friend. Big thanks to Ariauna's boyfriend for all of his help!

I'm working on capturing the footage right now. I also picked up the ghosthunting footage that Darla Doom and her husband shot. Hope to get all of this new footage cut in over the weekend.

Shot some more footage for EATER over the weekend and hope to get a few more pick-ups this week.

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