Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Crazy Busy...As Usual

Have been crazy busy so far this year.

Worked around some technical glitches with the "It Haunts" segment of TWISTED FATES and have finally finished all of the music and pretty dang happy with it. It was fun making themes like "Kelsey Mellow" and "Luther and Alma."

Have also made progress on editing the "Welcome Sister" segment. Up to just over 8 minutes and finished cutting the catfight together.

Big thing is that a week from Friday I'll begin shooting a new untitled horror flick for my buddy John Bowker. IT HAUNTS and PLATOON OF THE DEAD alum Michelle "Ame" Mahoney, Amanda Bounds, Doom Grrl and Joe Scott will be in it, along with Bryn Kristi from "Welcome Sister" and Robert J. Olin, last seen as Billy Joe Barney Bob in BLOODSUCKING REDNECK VAMPIRES!

Rob Merickel's going to do make-up and Eric Singer among others will help on the crew. It's a super-tight schedule, but I'm sure we'll get through it somehow. I've been parsing out the script and storyboarding my head off.

Depending on how John feels about it, I'm hoping to post some production blog stuff and photos and such. We'll see....

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