Friday, January 23, 2009

What the hell is wrong with you people?!

According to The Washington Post, Washington trash trucks hauled away at least 130 tons of garbage after the inauguration of President Obama, with more to go still 2 days after the Inauguration.

Apparently, there were hardly any trash cans for fear of some nutjob putting a bomb in one. So big freakin' deal - if you brought a bottle, food, newspaper, blanket, pair of gloves or cooler (a list from the article of some of the things left behind) IN you can certainly take it OUT with you. Justifying leaving your crap on the ground on there not being a trash can nearby just makes you a big fat pussy.

A spokesman for the Mayor's office said, "They left behind Obama hats, Obama bags, Obama socks... lot of it was the vendors along the parade route" So not only did people just drop their crap and walk away, but vendors just dumped all of their unsold merch and left, too. Nice way to run a business - and show how sincere your support for our new president is. Jackasses.

What is infuriating about this is that I'd bet a ton of those Obama supporters would say that the environment/being green/global warming is a big issue to them, and would support all kinds of laws to keep America clean. But to shove an empty candy wrapper in your pocket or God forbid carry out your coffee cup IN YOUR HAND so you could throw it away later? Too much hassle for you apparently. Pathetic.

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Merickel said...

You said it, brother!

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