Sunday, November 13, 2011

UNDERBELLY Available Again!

Out-of-stock for many years, UNDERBELLY is available again with a snazzy new cover design to boot! Available in THE STORE!

In this twist-filled erotic thriller, a college student in search of a professor's missing niece becomes entangled with the small town's criminal underbelly including sexy prostitutes, vile gangsters and thuggish hitmen. Hot women appear at every turn, just not the one he's looking for. Even with the help of a sexy hooker, will he live long enough to find out what really going on?

Starring Tamra Redmond (The Seekers), Heather Storm (Velocity's Garage Squad, National Lampoon's Dorm Days 2, Epic Movie, Lost Treasure of the Maya) and Shannon (Bloodsucking Redneck Vampires, Evilmaker 2) with Tom Shaffer and Robert Olin, both from Deadly Premonitions. Opening credit sequence features Jenny Wallace (Planet of the Erotic Ape, Hookers in a Haunted House).'s John Oak Dalton says: "..knowing "nerd-noir" off a cool vibe, and is an overall solidly-produced outing with sharp scripting, witty performances, some nice twists and turns, and eye-popping women. Three stars."'s The Mortician says: "Think of a Fred Olen Ray movie being morphed with the dark humor of something like Martin Scorsese's AFTER HOURS...Amidst the interesting story, there's plenty of nudity peppered throughout the movie in a homage to directors like Jim Wynorski and Fred Olen Ray. The story comes to a halt so that viewers can feast their eyes upon sex scenes and strip routines...boasts solid performances by the cast and technically, the movie is standout...I can't see fans of b-grade exploitation movies having any beefs with the contents that UNDERBELLY delivers... salutes the Roger Corman formula of the '80's"'s Allen Richards says: "a soft-boiled crime thriller where those nerd-qualities take the edge off the darker elements. Think Fred Olen Ray for the Dungeons and Dragon's crowd...and that's not a knock...a fish-out-of-water comedy...giddy, b-movie fun."

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