Sunday, October 14, 2012

Bloody Red Lips of Blood Premiere Screening Photos!

Boy howdy what a swell time we all had at the BLOODY RED LIPS OF BLOOD premiere screening at the f/Stop Fitzgerald's in Salem, Oregon. The screening room was packed and everyone seemed to get a kick out of this cheeseball horror comedy.
Sabrina and I with the bug monster

Natalie helps the bug monster snack on Floyd!
Riley and Alex in front of the big screen!

The bug monster prop gets around!

Rob, Dale and their friend...the bug monster!

Alex wore her silver disco pants...and her wonder woman underwear!

Alex and her co-star

Bob couldn't escape the bug monster!

Joe and Crystal got all gussied up for the premiere.

Floyd is the BUGMAN!

Kurt, Dale, Rob, Mike and Dave...and the bug monster.

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