Tuesday, March 25, 2014


I got excited today when a million horror news sites posted a teaser poster for Phantasm: Ravager…

 Last spring, I wrote a post all about my hopes that creator Don Coscarelli would make a Phantasm 5: http://fandcproductions.blogspot.com/2013/04/phantasm-5.html

I was so excited to read that not only was a new Phantasm coming out, but that it was already all shot and they'd managed to shoot it over the last several years and keep it a secret. Plus several of the regular actors were included in it.

Later in the day, it was revealed that Don did not direct this. A guy named David Hartman did, "under the supervision of Coscarelli." Turns out Don co-wrote it, and has expressed how excited he is about it, so I am still looking forward to it.

But the AMAZING thing was in poking around looking for info about this today, I found a post on a bulletin board from LAST YEAR, where someone had pointed out that one of the fake DVD covers that was in a shot in Don's JOHN DIES AT THE END movie, was in fact for "Phantasm Ravager!"

Mind blown!!!!

I first saw JOHN DIES AT THE END when Don himself introduced it at the Seattle International Film Festival in 2012. So for YEARS, the title of the next Phantasm movie has been right there!!!

I grabbed a screen shot someone had posted and lightened it up a lot to better see the spine of the DVD box. Sure enough…there it is:

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