Monday, March 31, 2014

One Third of the Way

OK, it is a third of the way through 2014 and where am I at on these movie things?

DRIFTER is basically done. Planning to reshoot one scene that will add clarity to the story. Working to schedule for next week. Hoping to have news in the next few weeks about a world premiere for this one.

SECRET PROJECT is about 98% done: shot, edited together, music and sound effects done, opening and ending credits done. Trailer is cut together. Just have a few insert shots to do and drop in and then will announce to the world.

Got set up. More to come…

BLOOD CREEK WOODSMAN is so close to being done done done. Post-production guy had a bit of surgery and a few other delays.

Helping produce a horror feature. More news later.

Tim Shrum is pulling together another horror short for me down in Oklahoma. Tim directed the "Crazed" segment on the TRULY DREADFUL TALES anthology.

Will have a booth at the CHERRY CITY COMIC CON at the beginning of May.

Looking forward to attending another CRYPTICON SEATTLE at the end of May.

Not bad, but plenty of stuff still to do!!!

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