Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Introducing the OLD SKOOL SKULL-PACK

Introducing the OLD SKOOL SKULL-PACK: Six late-1990s-to-early 2000s shot-on-video indie flicks for just $55 - free shipping in the U.S. included (contact me for international postage costs).

  • Deadly Premonitions 
  • Underbelly 
  • Housebound 
  • The Seekers 
  • Truly Dreadful Tales 
  • Dimension of Blood/Monster in the Garage/Crimson Heather triple feature 

See many of the stars of more recent flicks like DRIFTER and ODD NOGGINS, but younger…and thinner...and with more hair! http://skullfaceastronaut.com/oldskool

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